The Lake ~ Part 5 ~Sun-setting

July 25th 2016 - 014

The light is changing on this evening and soon it will be twilight, that time that ends each day with just enough light to see and it’s when all of the streetlamps come alive, calling to all of the moths that will flutter around the glow all evening.

July 25th 2016 - 015

I love how this flower danced in the wind and also its bloom before opening reminds me of something floating on the oceans currents back where I use to live in Florida…

July 25th 2016 - 017

July 25th 2016 - 019

July 25th 2016 - 020

July 25th 2016 - 027

So, this day begins to end with a spectacular show of light, clouds, wind, and the glorious water of the lake with its waves clapping against the boulders with a splash here and there.. Almost, looked at times like a child blowing bubbles into the air…

July 25th 2016 - 028

July 25th 2016 - 029

July 25th 2016 - 031

The sun that we see is at rest for the twilight that will soon arrive…

Take care to all of my dear friends and to all of my

newest of friends who have just recently began to follow me….

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Until next time…

~ Laura ~

The Lake ~ Part 4 ~ The approaching Sunset

July 25th 2016 - 023

We were about five minutes away from the sun falling below the horizon and I could feel excitement about this day coming to such a beautiful end. The sweet taste of the strawberry milkshake lingered, dissolving into a faint tasty memory… I don’t usually drink such sweet drinks so this evening was a treat for me.

July 25th 2016 - 034

I looked around me and noticed something magical… Everyone stopped looking for Pokemon on their cell phones and begun to gaze at the setting sun. Most of them were pointing their cell phones toward the horizon getting ready for that special moment when the blaze of sun dips just below the horizon and you can take a picture without that horrid streak of light dashing across your less than perfect picture.

I still had a few minutes before I could begin myself trying to get a good shot of the sunset, when I looked down at all of the rocks just a half a meter from my feet. I looked at the various rocks with their distinct markings almost resembling a family of many colors. Thoughts began to race around in my mind about all of the people who I was sharing this evening with. Young, old, middle aged, children, and even a few toddlers. I also counted at least 6 strollers passing by with their mothers, and fathers smiling about the coolness of the evening, fresh breeze and the occasional spritz from the water hitting the rocks and touching our faces.

We were all like those amazing rocks gathered right in front of me.. many look different, different markings, different colors, different sizes, but still rocks just the same.. We are all human and we belong to the family of humanity….We need peace one strong rock at a time, one human at a time… if these rocks could speak what would they tell us? They’ve been around this earth a lot longer that any of us… Wisdom comes in many shapes and sizes…..

July 25th 2016 - 021

To be continued…


Until next time…

~Laura ~

The Lake ~ Part 3

July 25th 2016 - 018

Even with the dark skies overhead I had both of my cherished children with me for this trip to the lake. We sipped our strawberry milkshakes and watched people searching for Pokemon on their cell phones, my daughter included. The winds blew and the trees and bushes swayed with the currents of the winds.

July 25th 2016 - 016

I tried to catch pictures during the windy moments, hoping that some of the pictures turned out alright. Luckily my camera has a hand steady function… 🙂

July 25th 2016 - 010

These flowers were swaying back and fourth, and I clicked just when they were still for a second.. hum.. not a bad shot and I loved the lightening of the sun beginning to set…

July 25th 2016 - 013

I gotcha pretty little flower…

To Be Continued….


Until next time…

~ Laura ~

The Lake ~ Continued part 2

July 25th 2016 - 003

The skies were full of dark clouds and the breeze was brisk. We were moments away from the sunset on the lake. With anticipation of the grand finale I walked around snapping pictures of the beautiful flowers surrounding the pathway for people and their pets to stroll.

All of the upkeep for these beautiful pictures in this series was preformed by volunteer men and woman. I’m amazed at the work they put into these gardens by the lake and you can see the love their hands put forward without wanting any applause what so ever.. Well, I stand up and clap for each and every person who takes time out of their day to produce such beauty for everyone who walks by the lake… Bravo !

July 25th 2016 - 008

July 25th 2016 - 011

July 25th 2016 - 005

The Pokemon Craze…..

The craze has opened up in Canada… The search for Pokemon has lots of people out and about looking for Pokemon.

cell phone with pokemon

To be continued…..


Until next time…

~Laura ~

Glory in the Flower and a Milkshake

July 25th 2016 - 004

After a very hot day spent in the garden yesterday, I thought about the cooling breeze that drifts off the lake not far from my house. So, it was a McDonald’s run for a strawberry milkshake and head out to the lake to see if any of the flowers were still as pretty as can be.. I was not disappointed.

July 25th 2016 - 005

July 25th 2016 - 001

July 25th 2016 - 002 copy

To be continued….


Until next time

Asparagus Anyone?

July 22nd 2016 - 001

Table for four you say…you might have to wait another two years for a nice steamed plate of amazing asparagus…

This little patch was started only this year, and as we all know it takes a good three years before you can harvest the spears. I have a handy little bamboo steamer that sits proudly atop my stir-fry pan just waiting for the proper time. In the meantime many stir-fry’s will take place in anticipation for the glorious day I can harvest the tender asparagus spears…

I actually got a late start to planting out this little patch, but the first patch planted last year didn’t do so well.. not enough light I’m afraid was the problem, so I planted my peas in front of the asparagus plants that took a magnifying glass to find the ferns. Oh well live and learn that’s what I say..

I really love this vegetable so much and thought it would be fun trying to grow them in my own garden. On a side note a person who has tendencies toward gout should not eat those tender spears of goodness. Hum…Perhaps, I’ll throw caution to the wind and sample just a few.. It will be fun just watching it grow very tall next year anyway.. Still a happy gardener just the same…

I’ll just drink my homemade Turmeric Tea, before I partake in a plate of those spears..

It helps clear up the gout.. tried and tested to work for me..

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Until next time

My pup and I wish a mild sunny day ahead for you all

Mia - 001

Woof, woof…

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How do you view each day?

How do you look at your surroundings - July 24th 2016 - resized 70

Have you ever found a store receipt in the void that is the bottom of your handbag or tucked away between the sections of a wallet? Let’s say its been hiding in there for months and when you go to clean out your mode of storing those store and bank cards do you merely find a number of blank looking pieces of paper that was once your only proof of a purchase?

The type of paper the stores are using is completely different from a few decades ago. We could keep a receipt for years, before it began to fade and that was only if we handled the paper often.. Hum… why would we do that, well sometimes we might…. 🙂

I love taking pictures with my digital camera and find the ease of putting the pictures of the day on the computer and either sizing them down to add into this blog so I don’t run out of free space on here too quickly. This action really got me to thinking and I must say at times too much thinking can get me into trouble…

Pictures, we take them with such love and pride in our work. Only to store them away on itty bitty thumb drives or in a carefully labeled folders on our machines of choice. What happens to all of those pictures we take and hope to share one day with friends like you all here on WordPress or with family members?

Clarity, I suppose is in the eye of the beholder as I sit in my garden looking around at the beauty that has been there since spring. From the honeysuckle bush void of all leaves after the long winter months. I see it begin to bud and I know in a very short time it will be full of leaves followed by lovely sweet smelling flowers….I sometimes bring the pictures into my Photo-shop program and play around with the color, because my little digital camera does not show me what I see when taking shots of the flowers. I enhance some of the photos not to deceive you with some of the photographs, but merely to try and enhance their beauty as I see them through my own eyes.

Storage, I have boxes of photograph albums with real pictures that are printed out on special photo paper that I would have developed and wait a week to see if any of my photos were any good. My old Minolta camera that used film took some really nice pictures. It was not a point and shoot camera like I have now with my digital camera with its hand steady function…(I love that function with my sometimes wobbly hands)

I wonder about all of the pictures I’ve taken that are stored on thumb drives or in my computers folders, since I’ve owned so many different computers and they crash and die after a given amount of time. If, you haven’t saved your treasures on something like (old school days, Floppy disks) C.D. or thumb drives, external hard drives, the list is endless they are lost forever only to remain in our memories, until such time they too fade away like those store receipts….

Store receipts, that I get and I really need to save ~ Let’s say after buying a new computer, or laptop, I-Pad, etc.. I scan those into my printer and save with the paperwork of said purchases so they too won’t fade away just before the warranty has ended for a replacement of said purchases is needed.. I’ve actually had that happen to me and they would not replace said machine without the receipt, and I can’t blame them..

Photographs,  if lost to a corrupted thumb drive, external hard drive, or C.D. that only last for about ten years.. will be gone forever too…as my son has always reminded me to back up anything that I don’t want to disappear .. Especially, the illustrations I’ve been working on for one of my short stories. After each panel is completed I save it to a thumb drive, and then over to a C.D. as it would be a complete shame to go to use them and they will not work….

How do you view each day?

I’d like to think I see the beauty that is around me and the possibilities for enhancement that I can then offer to you. I also see a black and white version of most things, trying to find clarity in my life, minus the distractions of my day…

July 20th 2016 - 002

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Until next time

My pup and I wish you a peaceful Sunday

July 24th 2016 - 008

Woof, woof

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Nighthawk Stealth & the Fly

Nighthawk Stealth and the Fly - resized 70

Nighthawk Stealth of the Bug World

line break image - 036

Airplane picture courtesy of:

I was outside this early morning sitting in my garden with my cup of coffee just minding my own business looking around at all of the plants and bugs flying around. I didn’t notice this little black fly resting on top of this flower head.

But, after returning inside I took the picture off of the camera and into my trusty computer. There it was as proud as can be sitting as still as a mouse… Caught on digital camera for all of time, because as we all know these creatures don’t have a long existence.

I had to smile at this picture as it reminded me of the Military base we live on for eleven years. It was a Canadian Air Force Base where on any given day you could see planes of all types zooming across the sky. It was an amazing time spent on this base where it was a pleasure to live and begin raising our two children.

The base was also located along side of the airport for our town, and with the long runway here we would get to see the very large planes that glide through the skies.

Hercules on beige border

What an amazing time that part of my life was with all of the Canadian Military men and women who flew over the rooftops of our houses on the base. Now that I live off the base after my husband passed away I still get to see those planes flying around in the skies over my house in town. I am proud to have been a part of the Military base as the wife of a Canadian Air Force man who served this beautiful country of Canada so proudly, with honor and pride to wear the uniform.

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While writing this post for tomorrow’s blog I heard a loud rumble outside. Upon heading outside my pup scooted right in front of me to get through the door first, as always…Where ever I go so does she, and this is what I captured through the digital lens.

Thunder in the sky

Will the sun still shine, or will it rain?

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Until next time

My pup & I wish a marvelous day and evening for you all…

Aug 9 2013 - 003 - Copy

Woof, woof…

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Severe Thunderstorm Watch & Heat Warning !


We’ve got a storm brewing up just north of us. {July 21st 2016}  So, what does a gardener do? You might ask…

She grabs her twine and scissors to anchor her tomato plants for the winds that are approaching. With that done she drags the planters underneath the over hang of the roof, hoping that if it does hail they will be protected. I could bring them indoors, but rather any of the bugs in the planters stay outside. I have more tomato plants planted down in the yard inside the caged permaculture beds and I feel they will be alright there during this storm. ~ I sure hope! ~

The potato plants are snug as a bug in a rug inside of the chicken wire cages I made for them a month ago, so they too should fair nicely.. There is talk of a tornado on the weather channel, but as with all bad storms you just never know what you’re going to get. I also tied up my sunflower plant loosely, so it can wave in the winds ~ hopefully not breaking in half….

Just before I needed to start cooking dinner, I got an idea for this blog. While I was worried about strong winds, torrential rain, hail and a possible tornado I thought about the Wizard of Oz movie where Dorothy looks up at the darkening sky with worry in every bone in her body.

Dorothy storm coming with black background

So, I postponed starting dinner until 5 and grabbed the Pen Tablet and started drawing out an outline I wanted and would do the coloring later after the dinner dishes were all done and put away…I also replaced my plants as we just received a light rain even though the skies darkened and the wind began to whip around when I was driving to pick up my daughter at work….

After a delicious meal of stir-fry and pork fried rice I settled down at the computer to put some color to my rendition of Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, which happens to be one of my most favorite movies, along with Gone with the Wind…My grandfather was a motorcycle policeman back then when these movies were being filmed, and he knew most of the actors in both films and I have lovely old photographs to smile when looking at all of these Grand Actors & Actresses…

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Until next time

~ My pup & I wish a wonderful day and evening for you all ~

My pup - summer of 2014 - resized 50