Do you think there’s a relation?

My pup and a Fennec Fox

My Pup and a Fennec Fox - resized 70

Thank you Pete, for showing me this link…

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Until next time


My pup and I wish you to have a fantastic week ahead

Paw Love - resized 50

17 thoughts on “This is too funny and cute not to share

      1. Pete, I wish you could have heard me.. but, just think of Betty Boop and that about covers it.. I received the returned email .. Thank you once again.. I was cooking in the kitchen trying to master Gluten-Free bread for my son’s eczema problems.. Making your normal flour bread is so easy for me as I’ve been making it for years.. But, this Gluten free stuff is a challenge … Just took 1st loaf out of the oven and it turned out perfect.. Must have been a fluke?…. So, between the turmeric water and the gluten free breads, muffins, etc I think we may just fix this problem he’s had for many years.. finger are crossed .. I hope..

        Take care, Laura


    1. Hello there, Koko…This week has been very good so far… Nice and hot which the garden loves. This weekend is a civic holiday for folks around here so I’m sure all will enjoy the sunshine and the breeze off the lake. Have a most wonderful weekend where you are and happy gardening to ya, from Laura ๐Ÿ™‚

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      1. I’m in Tennessee at the moment. Looking at houses in California and maybe Florida. Who knows…but for now, I’m in the south. The garden does love this weather…as for me, I’m enjoying it too. It’s interesting how all projects are predicated on the weather. I am still learning how to do things here. I was saving some projects for “better” weather, only to find out it I shouldn’t have waited. Haha. I don’t post as much as I want to as life takes over and posting can be time consuming. I do so many things I could post about and I don’t think like that, so I don’t take photos, etc. Hahaha. Any how, I do enjoy reading yours when I can. I hope you are having a nice weekend. I’m home alone for the week. The family is in California. I’ve got decent weather and a bucket of ice cream! ๐Ÿ™‚ Hugs Laura!

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      2. Well my dear if you have a bucket of ice cream all is well with the world…

        I must say that you’ve been missed around this blogging world my dear.. I love all of the things that you dream up and show us how to make them..

        I too know how life can become very busy and there’s little time to sit and write stuff down on here much less add the photo’s that we all love so much..

        Tennessee is truly a beautiful state and you’re a lucky woman to be there.. So a move is in your horizon I take it from your message to me.

        I use to love traveling and moving about every 5 years before I married my late husband and made the huge move up to Canada from Florida to make this my home. I don’t miss packing up though, but do adore setting up a brand new home…

        I wish you all the best in your future endeavors and where ever you place your hat I’m sure it will feel just like home..

        Thank you for your continue support of my blog, I love having you sit a spell and see what I’ve been up too.. Let’s not lose contact with each other as you feel like a sister to me..

        On a sad note I lost my sister back in April to suicide and it’s been a very difficult time for me to try and keep positive, but I know that is what she would have wanted me to do..

        So, I cherish you my dear and you’re a very kind and loving soul that I call my friend… Take care and many hugs back to ya…
        Laura โค

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      3. My heart goes out to you…I really am sorry for the loss of your sister. She must have been in a lot of pain. Yes, find positive, stay positive. If you ever need someone to talk to, I’m all ears. I enjoy moving and setting up home. It gives me a chance to purge even more things! The older I get, the less I want. I enjoy being outside more anyway and all that I need is a hand shovel and some seeds! Be well my friend and know someone out there wishes the best for you! Hugs. Koko:)

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      4. Koko, thank you ever so much for your friendship and compassion toward me. This means a great deal to me and I know you will keep me on that positive note, and if by chance I sway I trust you to give me a gentle nudge back toward staying positive.. that’s what friends do for each other.. Thank you as well for offering up to me an ear, I may just one day take you up on that.. I’m very strong but some days it gets difficult.. yet on the other hand I’m very stubborn and usually win… in the positive notes of things…I just read today on Facebook that my other half sister who passed away a few years ago just lost her eldest son.. I fear he couldn’t take the loss of his mother any longer.. I just pray my sisters children can be strong to weather this storm they have been traveling through since April.. It’s an odd family that I was born into, not full siblings only half siblings.. Cheryl who passed a few years ago also I believe was a pain meds overdose.. not sure if it was the intent.. But, my sister who passed this April the intent was there.. I helped her for over 7 years trying to help her see the positive side of things.. Sometimes it’s just out of our hands and falls under Gods grace to forgive her for taking her own life.

        Well I suppose I just used the ear you mentioned.. Thank you and bless you .. May God keep you safe and happy along with your family.. oxox Hugs to a fine sweet lady… Whom I’m grateful to know…

        Laura ….

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      5. So much pain there for sure. I hope the rest of the family can find some way to make peace with their own life and choose to be happy. We all struggle with happiness. It’s with hope that we can find enough happy to overcome when the sad tries to nip at us. I must say Sad does nip and sometimes hard. I’m glad I can listen for you. And I’m here…anytime! ๐Ÿ™‚ Hugs.

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      6. Koko, thank you for your comments… It reminds me why my middle name is Esperanza in Spanish.. I’ve always taken that as a sign for me to always remember to have hope.. hugs to you my dear..


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