A Turkey with only one leg…Beware of this tale….

I bought a turkey for this Thanksgiving dinner and the bird happily thawed in the refrigerator for days, until Thanksgiving morning.

thawing turkey.jpg

I joyfully dug out my special turkey pan to hold my glorious bird that would in 4  to 5 hours offer my family with a tasty meal for this Thanksgiving holiday.

I excitedly cut away at the plastic wrapping that tightly surrounded the thawed out turkey with a soulful grimace upon my face…Not looking forward to cramming my hand into the birds butt to remove the awful bag of giblets…


To my horror I witnessed a terrible sight!

I had bought a One Legged Turkey!


I sadly crammed my hand into the hollow of the turkey butt to pull out the awful bag containing the giblets for which to make a honorable gravy to lightly pour over the hand mashed potatoes…


My face began to frown even more after finding that the bag was missing!

Now the only thing left to do was to take three pieces of paper for my family including myself…

Because, we had to draw for the Thanksgiving Turkey Leg!


Since, there was only one Turkey Leg…




Just because I can ~ Remembering back…

I’ve taken a break from working on my illustrations for my short story I want to release in the Fall, or that was the plan in the beginning when I started using the Pen Tablet in harmony with my computer.

But, sometimes you just need to play simply Just Because I Can….

I finished working on a few digital photographs ~ making them smaller in size to put in my blogs, since I do use quite a few pictures I’d run out of free room on this blog in no time at all if I used each one at its full size. I use Photo Shop to help me out with that tasks and one day I just needed to play on there. You see there are so many things this program can do and I’ve not even scratched the surface to what it can show to me.

So, I became a child once again and without thought or a plan I started doodling.

night - 004

I can tell you that I never planned on showing this doodle to anyone and it was going into the trash bin as soon as I was done playing around ~ Yet, smiling all the while….Hum?

I truly believe that every single thing we do has a reason and or purpose in our day. Through the grins I began to wonder just what I was thinking at the time I was drawing this in Photo Shop.

First, my birthday was fast approaching and I was actually very happy about being another year older. Not, for the reasons some of you might guess, but because I’m really loving each new year as it comes around on the calendar.

All of the Hot Flashes are over ~ Thank heavens for that because mine began in my early forties, and lasted well over twelve years. Hum…I see half a red face, neck and some red on the body of this character, yet she’s smiling….

For me the Change of Life was a welcome change of season for my life. Many things were ending and yet many were just beginning too. I pondered over the side of the face that was black…..?

Darkness, was my first thought, until I could see the black was merely a clean slate for which to draw upon.. Such as to say I’m not nearing the end, but rather a new fresh beginning containing as many possibilities as I wish to have.

I know some of you might say, “Ugh…here’s another positive thinker….”

Yes, yes I am and it has taken me many decades to arrive at this destination in life. I’ve fought through many decades of illness, depression, feeling less of a human because I didn’t go out into the world and make a name for myself.

MBLOG - Bed 2013 - resized 30

But, those things were not on my blank slate…I had other plans for this beautiful lifetime I was going to have. Children, were on the top of my list even though I was just dropped off by my dad many many moons ago on my grandparents doorstep at two years old.. He never returned…

That was the beginning challenge I faced, and I can remember all the way back to being two years old watching my daddy walk down the long driveway of my grandparents and jump into a yellow taxi cab ~ Not looking back once…

So, when this positive person is always appearing Jolly and Happy ~ it’s because I’ve lived a hard life, yet determined to make this my life a better one ~ beyond the shit storms that happened.. and there were many….I will always live with depression I found out, but I fight like a boxer to keep my thoughts and views positive.

It’s really a chore some days to keep smiling through the pain life has in store for us, but I look at the pain a lot like childbirth… After, the pain is gone look what you’re left with.. A miracle smiling up at you.

Black & White

Sad & Happy

Night & Day


Just to name a few…we can’t have one without the other…All of the colors of the Rainbow or a box of crayons make up my life.. And, I plan on doodling until the end of my days. Either on paper or on my new found friend the Pen Tablet for my computer.

And, of course last but not least, the trees in the pictures below are a symbol of longevity, strength, beauty, comfort from the hot sun, they feed the earths soil, and lastly these beautiful trees all around me keep me positive and strong, yet able to sway when the winds blow hard against the limbs….Like these Cedar trees do…

August 29th 2016 - 005

August 29th 2016 - 004

line break image - 023


Until next time


Just a simple gesture for all of my friends here…

My friends at Word Press

line break image - 025

I’ve been playing around with creating a Light Box for taking pictures with my digital camera. The reasons are simple, Winter is around the corner for me here in Northern Ontario, Canada and since I’m only out in the snow to blow it with my handy dandy snowblower I need things to do over the winter.

March 30 2015 - 004 resized 30

A few weeks ago I grabbed another medium sized cardboard box from the grocery store and cut out the top and both sides to place white tissue paper in the voids. But, I’ve done this before and found that having a place to store such a large box without tearing the tissue paper is difficult…

confused-person - 3

My old Light Box wound up in my closet over the summer months gathering dust and the occasional dusting of baby powder.. I never could find a clear garbage bag large enough to put the box inside, so I thought of crafting a smaller one. Like the box I have here right now..


A week ago I was looking on the inter-webs for other ideas and had a folding version in mind. Well, I ran across a few ideas that sparked my interest enough to set me off and running to my nearest Business office supply store for some poster boards to make a template.


I want to craft a light box out of sturdy, but not heavy plastic ~ sort of like the plastic they use for those floppy binders. I thought about just how envelopes are made and fashioned my ideas onto the template. After, I cut out the pieces from the poster board attaching with some double sided tape just to see if I could fashion it as a box effect.

I’ve decided to use small round Velcro pieces to hold it in place when in use, and then it will be a simple action to fold it up, afterwards. I also need to try and find a light strip to attach to the inside top. In the picture above I used my poster board template with just regular light bulbs that created a shadow of the handle.. Using a light strip inside of the Light Box will fix that problem…

Then when in my garage I thought about laminating the folding pieces (6 of them) then cut out those six pieces which would sturdy up the sides of the box keeping the top level with the bottom. I suppose another template is in my near future, I just wish I’d thought about it before I glued it on with a glue stick and followed after with clear packing tape.

At this point I must say I’m very happy with the results when it’s folded neatly. The light box can then be set on a book shelf for storage, along with your favorite novels…

So, my search is on for a LED Light-strip and those circular Velcro tabs for the closure. I also might as well look for one of those plastic handles for the top when it’s folded.. Wish me luck and if all works out I’ll post with pictures about it…..

Here’s a little teaser when the template is folded….

Folded View of Light Box - 002 - resized 80

line break image - 014


Until next time


How do you view each day?

How do you look at your surroundings - July 24th 2016 - resized 70

Have you ever found a store receipt in the void that is the bottom of your handbag or tucked away between the sections of a wallet? Let’s say its been hiding in there for months and when you go to clean out your mode of storing those store and bank cards do you merely find a number of blank looking pieces of paper that was once your only proof of a purchase?

The type of paper the stores are using is completely different from a few decades ago. We could keep a receipt for years, before it began to fade and that was only if we handled the paper often.. Hum… why would we do that, well sometimes we might…. 🙂

I love taking pictures with my digital camera and find the ease of putting the pictures of the day on the computer and either sizing them down to add into this blog so I don’t run out of free space on here too quickly. This action really got me to thinking and I must say at times too much thinking can get me into trouble…

Pictures, we take them with such love and pride in our work. Only to store them away on itty bitty thumb drives or in a carefully labeled folders on our machines of choice. What happens to all of those pictures we take and hope to share one day with friends like you all here on WordPress or with family members?

Clarity, I suppose is in the eye of the beholder as I sit in my garden looking around at the beauty that has been there since spring. From the honeysuckle bush void of all leaves after the long winter months. I see it begin to bud and I know in a very short time it will be full of leaves followed by lovely sweet smelling flowers….I sometimes bring the pictures into my Photo-shop program and play around with the color, because my little digital camera does not show me what I see when taking shots of the flowers. I enhance some of the photos not to deceive you with some of the photographs, but merely to try and enhance their beauty as I see them through my own eyes.

Storage, I have boxes of photograph albums with real pictures that are printed out on special photo paper that I would have developed and wait a week to see if any of my photos were any good. My old Minolta camera that used film took some really nice pictures. It was not a point and shoot camera like I have now with my digital camera with its hand steady function…(I love that function with my sometimes wobbly hands)

I wonder about all of the pictures I’ve taken that are stored on thumb drives or in my computers folders, since I’ve owned so many different computers and they crash and die after a given amount of time. If, you haven’t saved your treasures on something like (old school days, Floppy disks) C.D. or thumb drives, external hard drives, the list is endless they are lost forever only to remain in our memories, until such time they too fade away like those store receipts….

Store receipts, that I get and I really need to save ~ Let’s say after buying a new computer, or laptop, I-Pad, etc.. I scan those into my printer and save with the paperwork of said purchases so they too won’t fade away just before the warranty has ended for a replacement of said purchases is needed.. I’ve actually had that happen to me and they would not replace said machine without the receipt, and I can’t blame them..

Photographs,  if lost to a corrupted thumb drive, external hard drive, or C.D. that only last for about ten years.. will be gone forever too…as my son has always reminded me to back up anything that I don’t want to disappear .. Especially, the illustrations I’ve been working on for one of my short stories. After each panel is completed I save it to a thumb drive, and then over to a C.D. as it would be a complete shame to go to use them and they will not work….

How do you view each day?

I’d like to think I see the beauty that is around me and the possibilities for enhancement that I can then offer to you. I also see a black and white version of most things, trying to find clarity in my life, minus the distractions of my day…

July 20th 2016 - 002

line break image - 012


Until next time

My pup and I wish you a peaceful Sunday

July 24th 2016 - 008

Woof, woof

Paw Love - resized 50