Rainbows ~ Care Bear Stare ~

I walked outside yesterday morning just at 7:16 to watch another sunrise, but what I didn’t know at first was something magical was happening just behind me to the West.. Take a little look into what I experienced and have a most wonderful day today..

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A sunrise like no other…

I’ve been up long before the sun rises on each day for weeks now. This odd occurrence began just after I wrote a post about never being able to catch the sunrise on each new day. Strangely enough I never miss a sunset, as the naps have not commenced for me as of yet. But, I’m certain they shall given the passing of time that falls on all of us at one point or another.

My pup is quite confused by each of my early morning adventures sitting on a bench just outside my patio door. She saunters, slowly down the deck stairs, taking one landing after the other ~ I have three…

The gentleman who built my deck worked very hard the first year I was in my home, making sure that I would be content with this deck as I aged. He knew that I had a joy for gardening and would be making compost bins in the yard and perhaps growing on the upper deck. So, each landing after a few stairs works beautifully for me, resting on each or setting pots on them.

I remembered we sat at the kitchen table as he asked a number of questions about the plans I had for the back yard, I was not sure as to why actually until I hit my fifties. Now I know the rest of the story…His reasons for so many questions. He was thinking ahead, way ahead.. by almost 20 years…Now, that’s a fine man and woodworker…


September 12th 2016

This was the morning that I realized why this man put in so much effort when building my patio deck with extra wide stairs, in case I needed to pull my wheelbarrow up to the upper portion of the deck, which I have many times with ease as each step is doubled in size as well. Giving me firm and steady footing when doing this as I approach 60 years old ~ (Young)

He planned this deck for me and the years ahead when I’d no longer be working 12-14 hours days to provide for my two children. Even with my bad knees I can have a chair on those bad days just to sit on the lower levels, if I need it. I am so thankful to this wonderful woodworker who also became a good friend.  Friends do often come and go, but the memories will last a lifetime and for that I am truly grateful for friends such as yourself reading this post and another amazing SUNRISE…

And, my pup has been enjoying many naps during these past weeks, since I’ve been up so early so has she… My little pup is snoozing right now as I type this post.. Sweet dreams Lil pup….



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The Beauty & Magic in a Sunrise

Just when you begin to complain about never waking up early enough to catch each mornings sunrise, you begin to rise an hour earlier just in time.

August 27th 2016 - 001

I ponder…Did my brain listen to my thoughts and complaints about always missing the sweetness of the mornings pinkish skyline? Or, did I say I wished I’d wake earlier and somehow program my brain to wake up at 5 in the morning, instead of 6?

This has been going on for a month now and by the time the dinner dishes are cleaned and put away in the evening I’m ready to crash into bed for a little television watching ~ or should I say snoozing though the show merely to wake and shut off the noise with the remote.

Perhaps, I’m beginning to already miss the summertime, while the Fall quickly approaches like a speeding freight train every year. I do love the Fall when the leaves here begin to turn and after a week or two they are all ablaze with colors, fire engine reds, lemon yellows, pumpkin orange with shades of green that’s hanging on until the leaves begin to dance in the breeze falling lightly to the ground like a ballerina floating in mid air making the noiseless landing on her tippy toes…


There is a kind of magic in the cool air of the mornings, even though I know the day will warm back up and become humid again. The magic does however continue after the dinner dishes are done and I sit outside for the final time each evening. I do treasure greeting each morning and tucking in each evening with my presence.

I suppose it’s comforting to know each new season as it approaches us here in northern Canada, because it’s like a dear friend who never fails to visit us offering up a change of pace ~ With the coolness in the air and the display of Autumn leaves soon to follow.

It’s when we dig out our jackets, and search for the mate to our favorite gloves, which have seen better days, but we’ve just begun to break in the stiff leather and it feels like a second skin when we slip them on with ease. No longer needing to press between the fingers to get the gloves to fit properly. They have become one with us and fits perfectly on each finger passing over the knuckles with such grace.

So, I’ll greet each new morning and validate its beauty, until the first snowfall touches my nose and I bring indoors my crafted wooden bench for the winter. I’ll take it down to the basement for a fresh coat of stain and check the screws just to see if all is well. Perhaps, a dab of carpenters glue may be needed here and there just to make sure that I’m taking care of the bench that has served me so well in the Spring, Summer & Fall.

When I turned around to see what my pup was doing early this morning I noticed something I would have missed if I’d slept in …

August 27th 2016 - 002

Waning Crescent Moon

25% visible

I sat on my wooden bench by my patio door and watched as the sky became brighter and the crescent moon began to fade into the morning sky. This moon looked so bright and if I were taller it felt like I could almost touch the tip. The hummingbirds fluttered in to take a sip from my blooming zinnias and all was going to be well for the entire day.

There are so many little treasures that are free for the taking to fully enjoy and bring happiness into your day, so get yourself out of bed and catch a sunrise ~ Because it’s there every morning just waiting to see you….


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