July 25th 2016 - 003

The skies were full of dark clouds and the breeze was brisk. We were moments away from the sunset on the lake. With anticipation of the grand finale I walked around snapping pictures of the beautiful flowers surrounding the pathway for people and their pets to stroll.

All of the upkeep for these beautiful pictures in this series was preformed by volunteer men and woman. I’m amazed at the work they put into these gardens by the lake and you can see the love their hands put forward without wanting any applause what so ever.. Well, I stand up and clap for each and every person who takes time out of their day to produce such beauty for everyone who walks by the lake… Bravo !

July 25th 2016 - 008

July 25th 2016 - 011

July 25th 2016 - 005

The Pokemon Craze…..

The craze has opened up in Canada… The search for Pokemon has lots of people out and about looking for Pokemon.

cell phone with pokemon

To be continued…..


Until next time…


~Laura ~

2 thoughts on “The Lake ~ Continued part 2

    1. Pete, I too don’t understand the excitement for this new technology driven game that also uses G.P.S. That somehow makes me very nervous.

      I haven’t seen this many people outside walking around in over a decade…

      On the one hand it gets people outside walking around, but on the other hand ~dangerous side they are not watching where they are going..

      Not all but a lot of them. I see smiles on parents faces of the pre-teens that are following along with their children, I suppose they are happy to have the kids outside..

      Growing up my children were outside all the time, but under the watchful eye of their mom… even they shake their heads at the kids these days who don’t want to go outside and play or ride bikes, etc.. I wonder how long this craze will last?… and yes they do look like zombies some of them.. blankly starring at the little screens, but if you watch long enough you witness a smile or a hoot out loud.. I guess they found one… or many..

      Thank you for the link and the comments to my post, always grateful …

      Take care, Laura


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