July 25th 2016 - 018

Even with the dark skies overhead I had both of my cherished children with me for this trip to the lake. We sipped our strawberry milkshakes and watched people searching for Pokemon on their cell phones, my daughter included. The winds blew and the trees and bushes swayed with the currents of the winds.

July 25th 2016 - 016

I tried to catch pictures during the windy moments, hoping that some of the pictures turned out alright. Luckily my camera has a hand steady function… 🙂

July 25th 2016 - 010

These flowers were swaying back and fourth, and I clicked just when they were still for a second.. hum.. not a bad shot and I loved the lightening of the sun beginning to set…

July 25th 2016 - 013

I gotcha pretty little flower…

To Be Continued….


Until next time…

~ Laura ~

9 thoughts on “The Lake ~ Part 3

  1. Nice images of a peaceful time, Laura.
    My friend gave me a tip about photographing flowers in a breeze. He said to switch the camera to ‘continuous focus’. Worth a try,if you have that feature.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. simpleblogdiaries, Thank you kindly for your comments.. That evening was amazing to take pictures having the light just right and the sunset was the icing on the cake.. 🙂

      Take care, from Laura 🙂


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