Oh my Goodness I may faint

Most likes in one day

Alright, I know the numbers are not all that amazing to most if not all of you out there in the blogging world, but…..

And yes there is always a but as far as I’m concerned (I know insert giggle or smile)

I’ve been away for some time (Well…all winter) and I’ve suffered a loss in my family too. My older sister passed away over a month ago, so I’ve dealt with this tragic loss the best way that I can….

She loved reading my older blog and this new blog I’ve started. She would tell me it made her day ~ filled with giggles and smiles….We all need these simple things in life on a daily basis or perhaps on really bad days we might need it by the minute…

I didn’t know how I could ever return to Bluebird4Udaily offering giggles and smiles or trying my best to do so….But, after a time spent in my garden feeling thankful for the times I had talking with my sister I found courage to continue to blog here on WordPress.

So, you see the most likes in one day (12) made me smile at a time when I just needed a pure and simple emotion of joy.

I wasn’t going to share the loss of my beautiful sister in my blog, because that is not what my blog was suppose to be in the beginning, but as we grow I thought it best to expose my pain and my journey out of it to continue the circle of life as I know it. She would want me to keep posting and trying to make someones day just a little happier, or chuckle just a little louder than you’ve done before….

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Until we meet again, Sis…..

(I’m like Carol Burnett, when she pulled her earlobe at the end of every show )

You must be as old as I to know that reference ~ or Google it

Woohoo ~ Bluebird4U Thanks you!

1 hundred total likes for bluebird4U

Thank you for the One Hundred Likes on my new blog ~Bluebird4U ~

Edge of Humanity Magazine Bumped me to ONE HUNDRED


I am grateful

Let’s see who is the lucky winner that bumps me to TWO HUNDRED 🙂

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Until next time

or ten minutes if something moves me this morning 🙂