Hello there Monday ~ Answer to Riddle…October 31st 2016

Re-Cap: How do you fix a damaged Jack-O-Lantern?

Answer:  You use a pumpkin patch!


The cute version of me as a witch was drawn by my talented son.  https://wordpress.com/read/blogs/116373819/posts/261

The pup pictures were done by me, using Photoshop. Oh how I do have fun playing around with the pictures at times… Isn’t that what life is all about?

Happy Halloween



It’s Time to Show  Off My TALENT!!

Hello there my dearest of friends here on WordPress… Please visit this lovely blogger. He is very busy with his studies and looking forward to a very bright future. Please take a moment to view this talented young mans Art.. It’s amazing and you’ll be glad you did.. Thanking you all kindly from me to you.. Laura


It took me 5hours to draw this! Don’t forget to leave a like if you like it and if you like it toomuch you may even share it! I mean I won’t mind 😐

Stuff I used: that blue 0.7mm 2B mechanical pencil, those two erasers and cheapst available A4 sheet

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#The Weary Traveler by: Laura Scott ~ Part Two ~ Every Friday


The Weary Traveler

Part Two

by: Laura Scott

Illustrations by: Laura Scott

I didn’t have a need for packing anything to take along with me on my adventure, but I did need to make sure my body was covered properly in case of rain during the week of September. Before, the truck ride to my final destination I stopped into our post office to say goodbye one last time.


I’ve heard so many good things about our post office where all of the letters and packages go to be processed and shuffled on their way toward their own destinations with fresh fancy stamps placed on their upper right corner and with a thud sound of the postage mark to the left of the stamps it was declared this parcel had begun its travels from Independence, Kentucky with a date of its departure clearly visible.006-independence-ky-post-office-boxes-with-woman

What an exciting time this was for me beginning my first adventure across the country, but first I would need to back track and travel to Richmond, Texas before my actual adventure traveling to Canada begins.


I was warned in a whisper by an elder that once I arrived in Richmond, Texas I would be placed up for inspection to make certain I was the proper one to travel the great distance to Canada. Only the bravest souls were allowed to leave Richmond after they were granted permission to embark on this quest across the country.

The layover in Richmond I was told could perhaps be a lengthy one, because this place had so much going on at any given time. So, my journey begins all safely tucked inside of the truck with a destination of Richmond, Texas on my horizon.


To be continued next Friday, so stay tuned for Part Three….