July 22nd 2016 - 001

Table for four you say…you might have to wait another two years for a nice steamed plate of amazing asparagus…

This little patch was started only this year, and as we all know it takes a good three years before you can harvest the spears. I have a handy little bamboo steamer that sits proudly atop my stir-fry pan just waiting for the proper time. In the meantime many stir-fry’s will take place in anticipation for the glorious day I can harvest the tender asparagus spears…

I actually got a late start to planting out this little patch, but the first patch planted last year didn’t do so well.. not enough light I’m afraid was the problem, so I planted my peas in front of the asparagus plants that took a magnifying glass to find the ferns. Oh well live and learn that’s what I say..

I really love this vegetable so much and thought it would be fun trying to grow them in my own garden. On a side note a person who has tendencies toward gout should not eat those tender spears of goodness. Hum…Perhaps, I’ll throw caution to the wind and sample just a few.. It will be fun just watching it grow very tall next year anyway.. Still a happy gardener just the same…

I’ll just drink my homemade Turmeric Tea, before I partake in a plate of those spears..

It helps clear up the gout.. tried and tested to work for me..

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Until next time

My pup and I wish a mild sunny day ahead for you all

Mia - 001

Woof, woof…

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11 thoughts on “Asparagus Anyone?

    1. Pete, I know what you mean about wash room visits, but hey that’s half the fun of eating these wonders of the dirt.. At least you know what you’ve eaten in a day.. LOL… Thank you for your continued comments and the link too…

      Take care and have a great day



    1. Ros, I suppose that’s why they are so expensive to buy compared to other veggies in the grocery store.. Yes, they do look like fine little ferns right now, so much better than their elders in another patch.. It’s a Race between the two .. We’ll have to wait for the outcome.. 🙂
      Hugs to you my dear.. take care, Laura


    1. Oh my goodness you must get up outta that chair at once, and visit your local grocery store, get yourself some and steam it straight away.. there are a percentage of folks as well that when they visit the washroom will know they’ve just eaten asparagus… Heck to me that’s the fun of it in the first place after eating this amazing product from mother nature.. go now, stop reading this.. tell me how you love them afterward.. go go go …. 🙂

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