My Christmas Elf returns this year….

Just after being sick with a cold for over a month, my Christmas Elf returned this year to help me out in the kitchen to prepare Gluten Free Pie crusts for the mini Apple pies I’m making for my son. Due to terrible skin allergies he has had to give up all gluten.. Please enjoy this bit of whimsy for your post Christmas Day…..


And, if you have a few moments to spare, join my beautiful daughter and I in the kitchen to whip up some tasty treats..


Thanking you all kindly for spending some holiday time with my family, Hugs….


Vlog Of Sorts – Dec. 8th 2017

I’m still under the weather as far as the head cold goes, but Winter waits for no one when it comes to having to bring out the snowblower and snow shovels. Friday was a snow storm to prove Mother Nature is boss, no matter how much we as humans think we are. Enjoy these two short videos to see for yourself. Hugs from me to you

Part One…..


Part Two…



There is another sky ~ Emily Dickinson

There is another sky,

Ever serene and fair,

And there is another sunshine,

Though it be darkness there;

Never mind faded forests, Austin,

Never mind silent fields-

Here is a little forest,

Whose leaf is ever green;

Here is a brighter garden,

In its unfading flowers

I hear the bright bee hum;

Prithee, my brother,

Into my garden come!




~A Brand New Day That Can Never Be Repeated ~

What a glorious day October 1st 2016 was with its clouds overhead forecasting the rain that was coming our way. I was just a mere 30 minutes away from another sunrise announcing this to be a brand new month, followed by light rain for the evening and following day.



The panorama view of the city and the lake where I live was an interesting view for me this morning. While, at the far left of this picture, just atop one of the cities buildings I could see the pink in the sky just beginning to crest.


Looking up at the clouds as the sky began to lighten, it was like no other. I was by the lake where I’d often go trying to figure out how to be a widow in those early days. I’d buy a coffee at our favorite shop and drive by the lake just to ponder my life. I knew I needed time to figure out my newly given path that I must follow, no matter what my views on it were at the time.

They say disbelief is the first emotion you go through, but I was spared that as I was by his side the entire time from beginning to end. The next emotion was to be anger, but how could I be angry after being given 15 wonderful years as a wife and received the up most gift of two children from this union. The lake here in this picture is my compass, showing me that there are many directions one can choose to take.


I’ve had another loss 5 months ago, losing my older sister to suicide. This is so hard to even begin to put into words as there are so many jumbled up emotions inside of this aging body of mine. As I sit here today 30 minutes away from the next sunrise on this day, October 2nd ~ I hold on to my inner compass even if I never plan to actually travel anywhere.

I am content to work very hard at healing my heart from the many losses I’ve experienced, beginning with my grandfather back in nineteen-hundred-seventy-eight. He taught me something amazing, and yet it contained few words to explain…His actions, caused reactions, which caused thought, leading to understanding of how to just take time to ponder over any situation…

So, yesterday morning I sat sipping my coffee, smiling at the many joyous times spent with my late husband and the conversations I’d had with my older sister over the internet ~ via Face Book, messaging and Skype.  She lived in Los Angeles, California where I too was born many moons ago. But, even though we were separated by 2,711 miles from her place to mine, we were as close as if we were right next door to each other…

She often would say how she enjoyed reading about my antics here on Word Press, and for that simple fact I am very thank full to this blog for allowing me the escape to jot down on here my thoughts and pictures I love to take. She was amazed by my garden of hope as I call it and I’m sure she wished she too could have a little space where she could just clear away clutter of each of our days.

Sometimes, there is just too much noise around us, and we need moments just to sit, quietly and watch a sunrise or sunset in peace.



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Until next time




A sunrise like no other…

I’ve been up long before the sun rises on each day for weeks now. This odd occurrence began just after I wrote a post about never being able to catch the sunrise on each new day. Strangely enough I never miss a sunset, as the naps have not commenced for me as of yet. But, I’m certain they shall given the passing of time that falls on all of us at one point or another.

My pup is quite confused by each of my early morning adventures sitting on a bench just outside my patio door. She saunters, slowly down the deck stairs, taking one landing after the other ~ I have three…

The gentleman who built my deck worked very hard the first year I was in my home, making sure that I would be content with this deck as I aged. He knew that I had a joy for gardening and would be making compost bins in the yard and perhaps growing on the upper deck. So, each landing after a few stairs works beautifully for me, resting on each or setting pots on them.

I remembered we sat at the kitchen table as he asked a number of questions about the plans I had for the back yard, I was not sure as to why actually until I hit my fifties. Now I know the rest of the story…His reasons for so many questions. He was thinking ahead, way ahead.. by almost 20 years…Now, that’s a fine man and woodworker…


September 12th 2016

This was the morning that I realized why this man put in so much effort when building my patio deck with extra wide stairs, in case I needed to pull my wheelbarrow up to the upper portion of the deck, which I have many times with ease as each step is doubled in size as well. Giving me firm and steady footing when doing this as I approach 60 years old ~ (Young)

He planned this deck for me and the years ahead when I’d no longer be working 12-14 hours days to provide for my two children. Even with my bad knees I can have a chair on those bad days just to sit on the lower levels, if I need it. I am so thankful to this wonderful woodworker who also became a good friend.  Friends do often come and go, but the memories will last a lifetime and for that I am truly grateful for friends such as yourself reading this post and another amazing SUNRISE…

And, my pup has been enjoying many naps during these past weeks, since I’ve been up so early so has she… My little pup is snoozing right now as I type this post.. Sweet dreams Lil pup….



Until next time


Statement heard ~ The life of these Trees…

The other day when driving by the lake I passed by a couple of old trees that have been around for many decades. Notice the bend in the trunk ~ Leaning toward the lake. You’d think the north-east winds that blow off the lake would bend the trunk in the opposite direction ~ (well my brain thinks that way…) Perhaps, there’s a reasonable explanation for this tree growing in this fashion.



I’d like to let go of reasonable explanations for a moment and just let my mind wander a bit.

Facts : as I know them…

There are a few of these trees that are bending in this way. They are ear-marked for cutting down in the near distant future, because they are becoming a hazard to people walking around by the lake. I’m sure they have inspected these bending trees for years, making certain they are not ready to crack and land on someones head one day.


My own pondering:

I’ve live up here in northern Canada for over thirty years, although 4 years of that was spent in Nova Scotia, Canada. My late husband served proudly in the Canadian Air Force, so we traveled.


On our return to northern Ontario, I felt as if I’d returned home…even though my birthplace is in California.


I lived in Carrabelle, Florida in a little village called Lanark.


Move ten years later to Panama City, Florida.


I remember that theater very well and all of the wonderful Walt Disney films from long ago. Back then folks smoked in the theaters and most of us children choked all the way through the movies.

A few years later we moved to Raceland, Louisiana.


The next couple of years later, we moved to Biloxi, Mississippi


I move to New Orleans, Louisiana a few years later..


And that is just to name a few, before I found a home here in Northern Ontario, Canada…

Each new place where I’ve set up my hat, (lived) I’ve always looked up to the trees, no pun intended. When I was around 4 or 5 I can remember sitting on the sofa in front of a big picture window at the falling rain in Lanark Village, Florida. The thunder at that time amazed me (not like today as it frightens the life right out of me.)

This day during the storm a lightening bolt came rushing down from the sky and split a decades old pine tree right smack dab down the middle, with such a loud crackling sound ~ followed by the loudest sound of the tree falling to the ground in two pieces. I felt the rumble it made when hitting the ground so hard. I suppose I went running to my grandmothers apron ruffles for protection…

From that day on I knew what the meaning of fear was. As I grew older I looked up to the trees with amazement at how they can sway so effortlessly in the strongest of hurricane winds, and not give up their life to the storm. They bend…..they continue to live another day, instead of becoming fire wood or a pine board for which to build a table or chair. When I see pine boards my thoughts always drift back to that day when the lightening showed me the meaning of fear.

I’m not sure when my young thought processes began to change from being afraid of lightening storms, which I still don’t like. I allowed myself to have this ONE fear in life. Thunder and lightening. But, nothing else was going to stand in my path due to being afraid.

Acceptance & Perseverance

Perseverance synonyms: persistence, tenacity, determination, staying power.

Acceptance synonyms: welcome, adoption, toleration, endurance, forbearance, sufferance. ~ noun belief in goodness of something.

The bending tree in this post speaks to me every time I see it. Not by sound but by appearance, of course ~ I’m not barking mad …

The tree grew this way because nature dictated it. The winds blow toward the tree bending it back when it was small. So, it leaned into the winds fighting back against a fate of breaking. I love this thought about these bending trees, because many times I’ve had to lean into something so as not to break in two. Life can be full of small details most let disappear in the moment, without even noticing.

I see that the city has put in place replacement trees in front of the bending tree and I just had to stop on my way home and take a picture, because one day soon all I’ll have are the memories of this strong determined tree. I hope this little, although long winded post causes you to slow down just a tad and look around you.. You’ll see things you never even knew were there..

Perhaps, you’ll even see the Perseverance and Acceptance that was always there…


Until next time


When you have too much time on your hands…..

I find that if I get involved into a new project I tend to put a lot of effort into making it lighthearted and fun. This Pineapple Challenge is just that for me. I have big plans on this challenge and will be kicking it up a level or two ~ Into the Twilight Zone, so to speak.

With the temperatures beginning to drop at night and watching the black birds hurrying around in the trees, while the little chickadees flutter around hiding from these big old black birds. Even the squirrels are not bothered by the flock of black birds as of late. They are more interested in finding the supplies needed for our long winters.


I found out from my daughter this morning just why the power outage happened last evening.

Squirrel !



Needless to say a power outage caused by a squirrel is far worse for some reason?

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Until next time


Gluten – Free Pancakes

The other day I found a box of gluten free Bisquick pancake mix in the grocery store. I was excited to give these a try so our family unit could all eat pancakes together again. My trial with taking my son off of all gluten in his diet for reasons of his eczema worsening since this spring.

I was happy with the mixture when whipping up the batter and the appearance of the pancake cooking on the griddle.

august-29th-2016-009I must tell you he said they tasted really good, but not like the ones with flour that he’s grown up with. But, this gluten free product opens up a door that was closed to him. Over the past two months his eczema has improved quite a bit. During this heat wave we’re experiencing would have been agony for him as the heat tends to make the eczema worsen to the point of driving a person mad.

But, with the gluten taken out of his diet all together ~ This equals success for him and his condition is now manageable. I’ve made the bread in the oven and in my brand new bread machine that my daughter and son bought for my birthday ~ It’s Red.. Love it…

The homemade gluten free bread made in the bread machine is so much easier and the finish product is much like the regular bread. I slice it once it’s cooled off and wrap each slice in wax paper. I then place them into a freezer bag and put into the freezer. This gluten free bread tends to do better if it’s frozen first.

I bring out one package in the morning to thaw inside of the wax paper and it’s ready for the next meal. We’ve also found that the store bought gluten free buns taste better if you also freeze them and thaw one at a time.. The consistency after freezing and thawing is closer to flour bread.

I’ll post my combination of gluten free ingredients for the bread machine version in another post, but until then happy eating to all those out there who are gluten free ….


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Until next time