Nighthawk Stealth & the Fly

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Nighthawk Stealth of the Bug World

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I was outside this early morning sitting in my garden with my cup of coffee just minding my own business looking around at all of the plants and bugs flying around. I didn’t notice this little black fly resting on top of this flower head.

But, after returning inside I took the picture off of the camera and into my trusty computer. There it was as proud as can be sitting as still as a mouse… Caught on digital camera for all of time, because as we all know these creatures don’t have a long existence.

I had to smile at this picture as it reminded me of the Military base we live on for eleven years. It was a Canadian Air Force Base where on any given day you could see planes of all types zooming across the sky. It was an amazing time spent on this base where it was a pleasure to live and begin raising our two children.

The base was also located along side of the airport for our town, and with the long runway here we would get to see the very large planes that glide through the skies.

Hercules on beige border

What an amazing time that part of my life was with all of the Canadian Military men and women who flew over the rooftops of our houses on the base. Now that I live off the base after my husband passed away I still get to see those planes flying around in the skies over my house in town. I am proud to have been a part of the Military base as the wife of a Canadian Air Force man who served this beautiful country of Canada so proudly, with honor and pride to wear the uniform.

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While writing this post for tomorrow’s blog I heard a loud rumble outside. Upon heading outside my pup scooted right in front of me to get through the door first, as always…Where ever I go so does she, and this is what I captured through the digital lens.

Thunder in the sky

Will the sun still shine, or will it rain?

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Until next time

My pup & I wish a marvelous day and evening for you all…

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Woof, woof…

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