Tutorials are not as easy as you might think to produce… Just look at this one

I tried and failed, but at least I tried arlingtonwoman…If, it could go wrong it did yesterday afternoon, while I spent the whole day inside of the house due to our deep freeze. I just couldn’t brave the outside cold or the inside joint pain I experienced in both of my hands. I should have waited until my hands were better, but that might just be Springtime…

So, I gave this my best at the moment of filming… I hope you (arlingtonwoman) get some sort of idea how this light box was made.. I just now realized I should have just taken pictures of the steps instead of a video.. oh my the well laid plans of mice and men…



Just a simple gesture for all of my friends here…

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I’ve been playing around with creating a Light Box for taking pictures with my digital camera. The reasons are simple, Winter is around the corner for me here in Northern Ontario, Canada and since I’m only out in the snow to blow it with my handy dandy snowblower I need things to do over the winter.

March 30 2015 - 004 resized 30

A few weeks ago I grabbed another medium sized cardboard box from the grocery store and cut out the top and both sides to place white tissue paper in the voids. But, I’ve done this before and found that having a place to store such a large box without tearing the tissue paper is difficult…

confused-person - 3

My old Light Box wound up in my closet over the summer months gathering dust and the occasional dusting of baby powder.. I never could find a clear garbage bag large enough to put the box inside, so I thought of crafting a smaller one. Like the box I have here right now..


A week ago I was looking on the inter-webs for other ideas and had a folding version in mind. Well, I ran across a few ideas that sparked my interest enough to set me off and running to my nearest Business office supply store for some poster boards to make a template.


I want to craft a light box out of sturdy, but not heavy plastic ~ sort of like the plastic they use for those floppy binders. I thought about just how envelopes are made and fashioned my ideas onto the template. After, I cut out the pieces from the poster board attaching with some double sided tape just to see if I could fashion it as a box effect.

I’ve decided to use small round Velcro pieces to hold it in place when in use, and then it will be a simple action to fold it up, afterwards. I also need to try and find a light strip to attach to the inside top. In the picture above I used my poster board template with just regular light bulbs that created a shadow of the handle.. Using a light strip inside of the Light Box will fix that problem…

Then when in my garage I thought about laminating the folding pieces (6 of them) then cut out those six pieces which would sturdy up the sides of the box keeping the top level with the bottom. I suppose another template is in my near future, I just wish I’d thought about it before I glued it on with a glue stick and followed after with clear packing tape.

At this point I must say I’m very happy with the results when it’s folded neatly. The light box can then be set on a book shelf for storage, along with your favorite novels…

So, my search is on for a LED Light-strip and those circular Velcro tabs for the closure. I also might as well look for one of those plastic handles for the top when it’s folded.. Wish me luck and if all works out I’ll post with pictures about it…..

Here’s a little teaser when the template is folded….

Folded View of Light Box - 002 - resized 80

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Until next time