We’ve got a storm brewing up just north of us. {July 21st 2016}  So, what does a gardener do? You might ask…

She grabs her twine and scissors to anchor her tomato plants for the winds that are approaching. With that done she drags the planters underneath the over hang of the roof, hoping that if it does hail they will be protected. I could bring them indoors, but rather any of the bugs in the planters stay outside. I have more tomato plants planted down in the yard inside the caged permaculture beds and I feel they will be alright there during this storm. ~ I sure hope! ~

The potato plants are snug as a bug in a rug inside of the chicken wire cages I made for them a month ago, so they too should fair nicely.. There is talk of a tornado on the weather channel, but as with all bad storms you just never know what you’re going to get. I also tied up my sunflower plant loosely, so it can wave in the winds ~ hopefully not breaking in half….

Just before I needed to start cooking dinner, I got an idea for this blog. While I was worried about strong winds, torrential rain, hail and a possible tornado I thought about the Wizard of Oz movie where Dorothy looks up at the darkening sky with worry in every bone in her body.

Dorothy storm coming with black background

So, I postponed starting dinner until 5 and grabbed the Pen Tablet and started drawing out an outline I wanted and would do the coloring later after the dinner dishes were all done and put away…I also replaced my plants as we just received a light rain even though the skies darkened and the wind began to whip around when I was driving to pick up my daughter at work….

After a delicious meal of stir-fry and pork fried rice I settled down at the computer to put some color to my rendition of Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, which happens to be one of my most favorite movies, along with Gone with the Wind…My grandfather was a motorcycle policeman back then when these movies were being filmed, and he knew most of the actors in both films and I have lovely old photographs to smile when looking at all of these Grand Actors & Actresses…

line break image - 030


Until next time

~ My pup & I wish a wonderful day and evening for you all ~

My pup - summer of 2014 - resized 50

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