Whatever do you do when the power goes out?

Last evening just as dinner was finished and I was watching an episode of 24 starring Kiefer Sutherland and just when it was about over ~ You know right where it gets exciting just near the end ~ The Power Went OUT! gee-sh…..Really!


So, fight or flight kicks in as the sun is setting on this day.


The darkness felt as if it were rushing to blanket the house in complete darkness, before I could find the darn matches to light the oil lantern. Just in the nick of time (Just like Jack Bauer) I managed to locate the hiding matches and lit the lantern.

I sat near the golden glow of the lantern, wondering what the pioneer folks use to do as the sun disappeared below the horizon…They probably went to bed right? Since, they only had candles for light after dark ~ Not like our modern homes, where all the lights must have been on when the house fell dark…

The first hour passed by pretty quickly during twilight hour… I let my pup outside and I followed her with my camera, thinking I’d try to figure out in the dimmest of light from the day, how to make a movie of my pup looking for that mischievous squirrel who loves to taunt her daily.

June 28 2016 -002

If, I can’t see those tiny buttons in the sunlight how on earth was I going to be able to figure this out? I ask ya…

Well, you do what anyone who hasn’t a clue does…. You press each of the buttons until you arrive at the one you want.. Eureka! That actually worked for me.. Note to self: It’s the tiny red button on the back.. I know I should have read the booklet that came with the digital camera, but… the print was so tiny I couldn’t read it.. Yes, I hear what you all are thinking right about now… Get New Glasses for goodness sake…


So, I manage to film 3 separate short movies with the camera, feeling pretty dog-gone happy with this feat as the twilight hour is almost complete. I hurry back inside and I think I cleaned the dinner dishes alright… ? Hum… Note to self: re-wash them tomorrow…

So, I fumble upstairs when I remembered I have a battery run emergency radio with a little light on the front inside my dresser.. Now, which drawer was that bloody thing in?


Eureka! Second one so far of the evening… I found it and hoped that the last power outage I remembered to remove the batteries from the back of the compartment or else they might leak and ruin the only radio and outlet to the outside world. I wanted to know why the power went out as they usually report on such things.


Why oh why was I so stubborn and not buy an I Phone? I thought while slowly walking back down the stairs with the radio to check inside if all was well with the world….If I had one of those fancy phones, it has a light so bright that it could light up the entire living room..


Also, I could check Face-book and read if anyone local was posting about the outage.


The second hour was spent listening to the radio for reports if any ~ Which there was NOT ! All I heard was music that sounded very bad on this tiny radio, until I found the antenna….Oh my technology these days sure has spoiled us almost to the point we don’t know what to do with ourselves when the power goes out just as it’s getting dark…

All I wanted to do this evening was prepare a nice little post for you here on Word Press, and perhaps work on another YouTube video. The next forty-five minutes was spent in my garage with the oil lantern looking for a piece of wood to make something tomorrow.

I had to sit down on the stairs in the garage and laugh my fool head off. Why couldn’t I just sit in my rocking chair, after all I did just get closer to sixty this past August. But, oh no I needed to go into a dark garage and look for wood.. No dirty thoughts here, Please….I’m too tired to backspace and correct the wording, and if you chuckle ~ All the better.

While, I was laughing so hard tears were rolling down my face the garage door opener light came on !

Eureka ! Number Three the power had been returned and all would go back to normal once again. I walked inside with the wood I needed and started to turn off all of the lights but one. Remember they were all on when the power went out..

This is why I just didn’t go to bed when the lights went out.. Hydro gets enough of my money as it is.. Can’t be having all of the downstairs lights on all night…



Until next time