Mother Bear and her two Cubs

September 22nd brought around Fall again for another season of cool temperatures, leading into the magical display of the beautiful Fall Colors here in Northern Ontario, Canada.

Although, with this change in the weather it also signals to the bears that old man Winter is soon approaching and they better get busy storing up for a long winters nap deep in their dens.

My fearful day of a mother bear with her almost grown cubs begins in this video and lasted for two days.  But, first let me set the scene for you.


September 25th I went outside with my pup and sat on my deck, which is 7 feet above the ground. I usually walk down into the garden every morning with her, but we were in a two week heat spell of over 37 C, so I opted to sit on a little wooded bench as my pup went down into the backyard. If, I’d done what I always do by going down into the backyard with her ~ This day might not have turned out well for me and my pup. Mother bears will protect their young with a vengeance… 57 sightings in the city so far this year, alone.

She began barking, ferociously and I quickly stood up to see what was the matter, and I could hear claw sounds on the tree just on the other side of my 4 ft. wooden fence. My thoughts were they sound too large to be a squirrel or raccoon.

I stood at the railing of the deck, 7 feet above the ground giving me a good vantage point. My brain in those few seconds couldn’t register  what I was seeing. My pup barking loudly at a huge mother bear who was crawling down the tree.

I noticed two cubs that were almost grown high in the branches of the same tree. My first instinct was to run down into the yard and pick up my dog. Well, almost 60 years old I don’t run as fast as I use to, and then common sense kicked in big time. I needed to get the bear away and for my pup to come to me. If, I’d been in the backyard, the bear would have seen this as aggression on my part and danger to her cubs.

The mother bear by this time had enough of my dog barking at her and she stood, resting her big old paws on the top of my back fence, two feet away from my pup on the other side. My pup was standing on her hind legs with her paws on the fence.

I began screaming for her to come to me, and for the bear to leave. The mother bear began growling at my pup and for a few seconds I knew this creature could easily reach and grab her up. That would be a nightmare and the end of my pet.

So, I calmed down and knew to deepen my voice to a baritone sound waving my arms high in the air. I began screaming from deep within my inner core. The mother bear got back to all fours and started to walk away, but my pup froze from this odd sound coming from me. She’d never been yelled at until that day. I calmed down again and called her to come. She did… Here is part one and two of this day.

And, here is part two…


My neighbors Goldenrod…

I watched my neighbors yard a lot this past summer…They are selling their home and the lawn care was sadly mistreated, but wonders are lurking underneath an abandoned piece of land..



Even though when these little snowballs burst scattering the seeds all over the neighborhood, it’s really a beautiful thing to witness a yard full of these dandelions. I watched the bees happily tending to these flowers this past spring…



Even Thistle can be beautiful as long as it’s in the neighbors yard…..



I think this is a giant goldenrod, and this pair looks as if they are dancing side by side in the wind.. I wish my picture turned out better so you could see the bright yellow flowers atop these two plants… It’s been fun watching the neighbors back yard all spring and into the summer.

Wintertime, last year…



Brought three deer to the neighbors backyard… They would jump with ease over the fence and graze on the evergreen cedars…


Is a just 5 days away, can you believe it? How fast time flies by ~ almost in a blink of an eye..

Stay tuned for Fall colors when they arrive, as they are very late this year.. usually by mid-August I see the trees beginning to change, as the nights would chill… But, not this year the average temps in the evenings have been mild..

But… yes Fall will arrive and the chill in the air will begin to hang around and you can smell the wood burning in the fireplaces with the smoke circling in the cold evening sky that appears so much brighter in the Fall and Winter..


Until next time



Standing Guard

I had to wonder if this bird was watching other birds, or perhaps me sitting in the garden watching it. I raised the camera slowly not actually thinking I’d get a good enough picture to see it properly, but after taking the picture into photo shop to lighten up the picture I could see it more clearly.

I bet this pretty little bird had no problem at all seeing me…

August 29th 2016 - 015

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Little Miss Muffet

Lucille Ball Shocked face

July 6th 2016 - Spider on a Pea Vine - 012

bees winnie the pooh - Copy

I was sitting next to my rain barrel filling up a watering can and looked over to my left ….

I let out a yelp!

Then looked around to see if anyone heard me…

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Even Black Bears in Vancouver B.C. need cooling off

Bear in a pool Vancouver B.C.

Courtesy of :

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Today and Tomorrow’s Heat

July 12th & 13th


July 12th 2016 - Weather for today

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July 12th 2016 - Weather for today F

One good thing is the humidity isn’t sitting at 100%

I suppose that’s a plus…

Looking on the brighter side of the heat…

My vegetables are loving this warm weather in my Permaculture beds..

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I can report that my test with not watering the permaculture beds is working out great. We’ve had very little rain last month, and the beds have held on to the rain that we did have. I’m not even worried when it does rain hard and fast, because the permaculture beds drain off the extra rain water ~ Holding on to what’s needed for the garden and the plants roots.

Now I have been somewhat tempted to water the beds this summer, because of the drought. But, I’ve stood steadfast to run this test from the information I’ve read on this type of gardening. So, far I am amazed and very happy with the results so far. All appears to be true from the many articles I’ve read on permaculture gardening.

With the new water meters just put in over last winter we pay for every drop of water used… I truly understand we need to conserve our water usage for the planet, but I was worried I’d have to give up gardening all together because it would no longer be cost efficient.  Nature sure does know how to survive and permaculture gardening is as close to nature as one can get, for me anyway….

Another way to save money on the water I use from my own taps in my kitchen ~ I bought two sink size tubs for washing the dishes in and rinsing.



(If, you’re wondering why I don’t use the sink stoppers to hold the water inside of the sink, it’s because during the day I need access to the sink for filling pots to prep dinner or strain water off of cooked noodles and the like, so I can remove these handy dandy tubs to the side counter out of my way… )

The rinse water goes out with me every morning from the night before.. I water the container plants with this saved water, and some of the soap from rinsing the dishes the night before keeps the bugs down as well I’ve noticed… I thought I’d have to give up container gardening because lugging the water up the stairs from the yard where my rain barrel is was getting too difficult last gardening season…

Problem Solved!

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I know it sounds a little crazy, and a lot of effort but it really is not much of either and I am saving money in my pocket for a rainy day ~ grinning… and we all need that don’t we?

July 12th 2016 - 004



Until next time

~  Laura  ~

Aug 9 2013 - 003 - Copy

My pup and I wish you a wonderful day

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