The sun finally made an appearance

My little homemade garden trug was finally able to be un covered from the two layers of plastic that has been protecting my little radish seedlings. The peas were dancing around inside of there and if vegetables could sing they would have been loud and joyous.

Today I made a trip to my local gardening center to purchase 10 bags of soil to top off my permaculture beds that had a topping of cow and sheep manure mixed with the soil, along with the Fall leaves to over winter. Oh I have great plans for this years garden and I just know it will be marvelous.

There is just something magical about being able to get outside and play around in the dirt again, and in a few months harvest the goodness that grows in a garden. That first bite of a happy orange carrot, freshly plucked from the garden and then steamed for dinner is heavenly.

I’ve been growing lettuce inside over the winter and have been eating salads from it as well as using my oregano after I dried it in sauces and stews. When I take the fresh dried oregano and rub it between my fingers just before dropping the herb into a pot of soup or stew and I can smell the goodness of the herbs as the pot simmers on the stove… There is just something special about it.

All my troubles of the day are magically wiped away and I’m smiling inside and out.  But our winter is not fully over yet, they are calling for snow on Sunday ( 5 cm) Oh well, come on May 24th ~ Our last frost date…

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Wilson The Plant Manager Has an Announcement….

There are days when you just can’t get anything to grow in your garden. Aside from the critters that love to munch on your tender seedlings in the Spring. Why am I mentioning Spring so early, well it appears lots of folks are getting spring like weather all over the globe. It’s even raining here in February, which it never does.. Well, not in the 34 years I’ve lived in Canada.

There’s something strange afloat around here too, I have 5 pineapples that I began growing back in September, after a gardening challenge was made by one of my wonderful YouTube gardening friends. Here’s a look into what my world has been for me this winter, trying to trick pineapple tops to grow in the dead of winter in Canada and have them believe it’s Hawaii..



Indoor Winter Gardening

For this gardener as Fall speeds toward me like a run-a-way freight train I tend to be a little  down having to give up a passion of mine. The snow is beautiful ~ Don’t get me wrong, but when we go into the deep freeze for months on end my body screams at me with pain in my joints.

You see one very cold winter we managed to get dumped with a ton of snow all at once a few years ago. So, what does a good neighbor do, you ask?…. She fires up her big red snowblower and after clearing her own driveway she heads to the neighbors driveways that she knows only have shovels.

I suppose I was out there for over an hour blowing 3 other driveways and wondered why I couldn’t feel any of my ten fingers any longer. About 30 minutes prior to this I was having a bit of stinging pains shooting up the hands, but I powered through it just the same.

Until, the pain returned just as I was putting away my snowblower into the garage, and I ran inside fast, pulling off my gloves. I can’t describe the type of pain it was, but I can say that giving birth to two children was a breeze compared to having frostbite on your hands.

All or most of the nerves in my hands are shot…I can’t handle things out of the freezer for very long or have any other type of cold on my fingers. The nerve pain I’m afraid will probably never go away. Damage is done….So, folks when winter arrives and you have minus 30 c temperatures like up here and below that too, keep those hands warm and when the first sign of pain happens ~ Get Your Bodies Inside!

(To cope with the cold ~ I use those little packets of gel that heat up and place those in my gloves…)

Indoor Gardening in the Wintertime

Has become a passion that I’ll always do during the long months of winter with the cold just outside of my windows. I’ve brought indoors cuttings off my cherry tomato plants, and begun a Pineapple Challenge over on YouTube ~ Started by Mick Watson. If you want to check it out just type in this.   #PineappleChallenge  and you should find all of the fine gardeners who are joining in with this challenge.

I started with just two pineapples two weeks ago, but now the pineapples in the stores are full of nice looking pineapples and they are marked down in price due to the shear volume of fruit on the shelves. So, what’s a gal to do who has plans for gardening in the wintertime? You might ask yourself…

Well, she goes and buys 3 more pineapples to add to the challenge, giving a grand total of 5 planted pineapples… This should keep me busy throughout the long winter if I can keep them alive.. It takes anywhere from 18 to 24 months to grow them so I’m what you call in my happy spot gardening this winter.

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It’s Still Alive ~ I haven’t killed it yet !

I am shocked and amazed as the temperatures begin to drop here. This first week trying to grow a pineapple indoors has been a success. I’ve read that the leaves will look poorly in the first two weeks, but I am going to try to succeed with this little project of mine.



It appears that the center of the pineapple tops was still intact when I purchased these two pineapples at the grocery store. It sounds like from what I’ve watched on YouTube by the other wonderful gardening folks who are doing this #PineappleChallenge that we need the center to be there and not plucked out by the produce manager.



Last year I grew dill indoors, along with parsley and basil. All three thrived over the long cold winter indoors. I also began a Jalapeno pepper plant from seed last Fall that is still growing with a nice thick stalk. It gave me enough peppers to make jelly and this summer enough peppers for cooking anything spicy. I cut back the pepper plant to give it a little rest and I’m sure it will thrive yet again over this coming winter.

June 15th 2016 - 009 - Jalapeno Jelly

So, since indoor gardening on a very small scale helped me get through the very long winter last year I’ve decided to step it up a notch..


I ordered this amazing grow light kit from Veseys Seeds in Prince Edward Island. It arrived in a very sturdy outer box with another box inside containing this grow light kit. This bulb is massive in size and gives off such great light for my plants. I think my two pineapples, Oahu & Maui will just love being underneath this light. Let’s not tell them they are not in Hawaii, but rather heading into 6 months of Canadian Winter soon.

I made a short little video for YouTube ~ Less than one minute…I tried for the first time using my I-Pad to make the video, so take a look and tell me what you think…

Thanking you all kindly for your support with my Pineapple growing challenge…


There may be toques


In the future for Oahu & Maui


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When you have too much time on your hands…..

I find that if I get involved into a new project I tend to put a lot of effort into making it lighthearted and fun. This Pineapple Challenge is just that for me. I have big plans on this challenge and will be kicking it up a level or two ~ Into the Twilight Zone, so to speak.

With the temperatures beginning to drop at night and watching the black birds hurrying around in the trees, while the little chickadees flutter around hiding from these big old black birds. Even the squirrels are not bothered by the flock of black birds as of late. They are more interested in finding the supplies needed for our long winters.


I found out from my daughter this morning just why the power outage happened last evening.

Squirrel !



Needless to say a power outage caused by a squirrel is far worse for some reason?

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The Pineapple Challenge Hosted by: Mick Watson on YouTube

I was surfing the inter webs the other day and ran across a couple of really interesting YouTube video’s on gardening. Mick Watson has a lovely plot for which to garden and he started this Pineapple Challenge. I quickly followed him and ran into another great video by Graham’s Kitchen Garden.  He has lots of interesting video’s and a funny sense of humor to go along with his talents for gardening and helpful tips.


I quickly became very excited to join in with this Pineapple Challenge because winter is around the corner and I need a new project to keep me sane. My Jalapeno peppers are still growing strong from their beginning last Fall, and now I have two beautiful heads from pineapples plopped in some dirt for another adventure of Gardening In The Winter Time Here In Northern Ontario Canada…

Here’s a link to my YouTube Video for the Pineapple Challenge.

I hope you enjoy and it’s a short one this time folks, so you won’t need that snack to watch it.. wink…


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