15 thoughts on “Old Man Winter In Canada ~ Haiku

    1. Pete, this cute little owl makes me smile from ear to ear.. I hope it will provide smiles for many too. I wish I could say the snow will go away soon, but that’s not the case..right now even the arches in my feet hurt from blowing the snow yesterday. But, it tells you that you’re working parts of the body that normally don’t see any action.. So, I suppose that’s a good thing.. I just hope the Tylenol works soon.. 🙂 Take care my friend, Laura


  1. I believe that owl did eat the last chicken wing. On Wednesday, I fed our two pigeons a bit of cooked chicken. Normally, I feed them bread and lentils. The female pigeon has a new approach to begging for food. She sits in the windowsill, and flaps her wings, rests, flaps her wings, rests…and then scratches the glass with her foot! Of course, we get the message. She and her mate have been living in our back yard since late summer. They keep the other pigeons away, and fend off the grackles that want to steal their food.

    As for New Year’s, we have no plans. Normally, we just stay home. I’ll be working on the outline for Chapter 6 in my first detective book. I finished Chapter 5 yesterday, but have to do a wee bit of doctoring today before I call it a wrap.

    Happy New Year 2017, Laura. I look forward to reading your blog in the coming months!


    1. Hello there David, as you can see I’ve been away since Christmas. The snow here has kept me so darn busy and wears me out this year for some odd reason. The snow fall has been laden with moisture, I know that sounds odd.. But, there is fluffy snow and wet snow as I’m sure you’re aware. Anyway it is kicking my southern regions and all other joints and the like. I suppose I should give in to nearing 60 but I refuse to tell my brain I’m no longer in my forties.. wink..

      The review is posted on Amazon.ca for Pope on the Dole, it said it’s in processing now…I’m not sure if it goes to Amazon.com as well, so you might have to check both to find it. I’ve never written a review for a book before, and I’m happy your book was my first.. 5 Stars without a single doubt and I wholeheartedly await your Detective Novels when they are released..
      I’ve been a little busy on YouTube I must admit as my subscriber numbers are rising.. Well, to me they are huge,,, I went from 5 subscribers back in Sept, to 122 as of today and they are more than eager to comment. If, it were not for you and Pete commenting so graciously I would have left word press for the second time.
      I’ll share a little something with you… When I wrote my 5 novels, at first I wanted them to become published.. I looked into the pay as you go presses.. (I like to call them) but funds here were too precious and I needed to pay bills and taxes instead.. I tried for 4 years off and on submitting my wears to publishing houses, they were all very kind with their standard rejection letters.. Strange thing kept occurring though… I didn’t mind the rejection letters and have saved them all as little gifts sent to me via the postal mail. My son asked why I don’t just burn them, and my response was they make me better… They are my bandage to fix something that’s just not finished yet, healing so to speak.. Alright, you now know one of my little secrets ~I’m an odd bird… wink…

      Anyway, YouTube has been the outlet that I was all this time searching for, to have a voice and someone reads it, or listens… I am no longer that fallen tree in the forest where no one is around to see…

      I love your comments to me and your wit strung between your words and I’ll return back here soon with more content, just for you and Pete who both have become special in my eyes… Happy New Year my friend and check out my YouTube channel if you’re wanting a giggle or two.. Perhaps, you’ll find them there…

      Take care, Laura 🙂

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      1. Laura, I just read the review on Amazon’s Canada web site. THANK YOU! It’s a very kind review, and I very much appreciate it. I sent “Pope on the Dole” inquiries to over thirty literary agents back in 2013, and no one was interested (probably didn’t care for the subject matter, and didn’t bother to read the submission), so I published it using Amazon’s CreateSpace, which is a free “print on demand” publishing platform. In the future, I’ll just go the same route. In any event, since I am my own editor, self-publishing allows me to write exactly what I want.
        I enjoy your WordPress blog and look forward to following it “religiously”—as I do Pete’s. I’d noticed you were away from the blog for a little while, and figured that the snow had something to do with it. It’s good to have the snowblower, but I know you also shovel—so be careful, especially with the back, as you can easily pull a muscle. Here in Las Vegas, the snow is courteous enough to just fall on the mountaintops. I haven’t been up there this winter to see what kind of snow it is (wet—good for making a snowman, or powder—good for skiing). But it’s white, and I suspect it’s cold…
        Again, thank you for your very kind review of “Pope on the Dole.” The two detective novels will be out sometime in 2018. I will, of course, still be reading your blog, so I’ll let you know when they “hit” the Amazon bookshelf.

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      2. David, I hope that by me mentioning that I’m a good Catholic girl might just get attention for your novel.. There are too few folks who travel in the middle of the road like I do. So, I hope the people that read the review will broaden their own horizons and give it a look. You just need them to read the jacket and they will be hooked. Life, of course is a serious thing, but many take it too seriously most times. Rigid in thought causes many wonderful opportunities to be missed.. I dearly hope my words will touch people to give your delightful novel a go…I was wondering if you would mind if I blogged about it here on Word Press and perhaps add a meal that might tie into the book as well.. Sort of a combo to draw attention to your novel.. if you like this idea what food would you say depicts it best and I’ll share with you what I was thinking too..

        Perhaps, I can pick your brain about CreateSpace because free is right down my ally… I tried reading up on it but would rather ask a few questions from someone who has published in this way… Anyway, that’s it for now.. I’m happy you were pleased with my review.. Take care both you and your lovely wife.. Laura 🙂

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  2. Laura, there are a number of foods in “Pope on the Dole.” All sushi aside, the main meal is the one featured in Chapter 20: canapés, cantaloupe balls bathed in port wine, truite en papillotte (trout cooked in parchment paper), and crème Chantilly aux fruits rouges (strawberries & raspberries dipped in whipped cream), However, this meal is prepared by Francine. As much as Niccolò di Montachiesa (“Nic”) enjoyed that meal, if you asked him to name a food item dear to his heart, he might say, “A Jésuite.”
    “I grew up eating Jésuites. It’s an almond cream pastry. So, yes, I like almonds. Thank you.” (p. 44)
    Niccolò takes a bite. “It’s heaven!” (p. 50)
    Since Niccolò is a Jesuit pope, and since he thinks the pastry is “heaven,” one might conclude that the food item that best depicts the book’s main character is the Jésuite.


    1. David, this is a fabulous idea for the food section to the review of Pope on the Dole. I actually have all of the ingredients already in the house, win, win, chicken dinner as I like to say… when all goes smoothly… wink… Perfect, perfect, perfect.. Thank you for your input and the plan is set .. Ready, set, go….
      Take care, Laura

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  3. Of course, I would be honored if you were to blog about “Pope on the Dole.” As you know, it’s hard to get noticed out there in the publishing world. So anything you wish to do that would help others find the book would be of great benefit, and would be very much appreciated. Let me say again that I’m thrilled you enjoyed the book so much!

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    1. David, I am more than happy to help you get this lovely novel some added attention. I do indeed, know how difficult it can be in a sea of books available… I’m so excited for this new adventure and having you ride along with me.. Take care, Laura

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  4. “I’ve always been a good Catholic girl…” Yes, I think that was a great thing to say, as I think some Catholics might be reluctant to read a satire that addresses their religion (even though other religions are not spared in the book). As for CreateSpace, it was pretty easy back in 2013, and it may be even easier now. As for my brain, it’s easy pickings!

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    1. David, Thank you for agreeing to my request, to pick your brain about CreateSpace. I know a lot of Catholics who are devout, yet try to run over in their cars upon leaving the parking lot after mass. This makes me shake my head and ponder long and hard.. I hope that line in my review grabs their attention… Take care, Laura

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