I’ve been working on a folding light box to use for some of my indoor photography. The first box was huge and storing it was a pain like a pimple popping on your face just before you have a special occasion to attend. Alright, I must admit I’m too old to get pimples any longer, but you get the idea, right?

I ordered a set of L.E.D. strip lights with a sticky back for my new light box and was amazed by the light. I think I’ll add another strip of lights inside of the folding light box and see what happens, but for now … What do you think?



I’ll show it opened up with the light strips attached next post.. hugs from me to you…



15 thoughts on “January 4th 2017 ~ Wow that was odd typing in the New Year numbers for the first time.. Oh Boy …

    1. Pete, Thank you for your comments and continued support.. I love crafting stuff I’ve found around the internet and thought this new type of light box for photography was right down my alley.. I’m trying to make a bigger one that would hold a plate of food, like the older version…


    1. Laughing so hard it’s difficult to type.. Lividemerald20134 that’s a good one! Thank you for the giggles.. made my day with all of the snow here still falling.. I’ve already been out early this morning shoveling and will have to do it again before evening sets.. Take care, Laura

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      1. “That’s a good one!” A famous line used frequently by Ingeborg Grutter (the Dutch Madonna) and quoted often by other members of the congregation, notably by Sam X. Rayburn on p. 79 of “Pope on the Dole.” I assume that quoting Ingeborg is a lot more fun than shoveling snow! I’m glad you got the giggles, Laura!

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      2. David, oh my yes quoting is a delight instead of shoveling .. the snow plow drove by and dropped a 4 feet wide amount of chopped ice at the beginning of my drive.. It takes skill at my age moving that heavy stuff, but I find since I’m short anyway .. Bend, swirl with the shovel, spreading it all over then pushing with the shovel is so much easier.. Might look funny, but it saves my back from breaking.. Leave it to a Floridian to figure out how to shovel the heavy stuff.. I watch the Canadians here in the neighborhood trying to push the entire lot of pack snow and ice combined.. they do struggle.. Now, I’m on the lookout to see if they develop my tactics…wink

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    1. Arlingwoman, I’m working on a post right now to show how I made this, and how I tried making a second one bigger too.. It should be out hopefully tomorrow.. Thank you so very much for stopping by and your interest in the Light Box. I think it adds so much to my pictures when I can have a better light.
      Hugs from me to you … Laura

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