This is a must read, delightful story of the Good Old South.. Please take a moment to view and I’m certain you’ll be glad you did.. Take care my friends, hugs from Laura



We love our crazy folks down South.  Oh, we may not want them right up in the house with us, not that it doesn’t happen from time to time, but certainly we need them to brighten up our holidays and remind us of how dull life would be without them.

My perennially pregnant Cousin Carol waddled into the family reunion this year with her nine kids and current live-in. He’d look like Willie Nelson if she cleaned him up a little.  Willie Albert Swain as toddlerExcepting her penchant for living in sin, Cousin Carol is fanatically religious, devoting herself to the food kitchens, fellowship nights serving evening meals, and community closets of all the local churches, though not their morning services.  “It’s hard to git nine young’uns dressed that early.” Some nosey relative asked her how many more kids she was going to have and she answered, “As many as God…

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4 thoughts on “Southern Fried Crazy

    1. Oh my heavens my good lady, Thank you for this delightful post.. I was raised in the South and this brought back many funny memories. Living in Canada now for over 30 years and this was a pure treat for me..

      Laura 🙂


    1. Pete, yes I totally agree when reading this bloggers post about the South.. I too could almost hear the slow southern draw with each word spoken..

      As for me most folks when hearing me always ask where am I from, due to my southern sway on most words spoken… I smile and say the South and they go … Oh yeah…..

      Thank you for commenting on this bloggers post that I re-blogged..

      Take care, Laura


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