If you enjoy movies this is the blog for you.. they tell you straight from the hip about your favorite flicks, and give you insights on some you might want to see.. I highly recommend this blogger.. Take care, Bluebird4udaily (Laura)


QuestionI got the idea to do a post in which my fellow bloggers ask me questions on whatever topic they choose(as long as it’s nothing offensive) from reading a similar post from the cool dude Diego. So with this post, I hope you all get a better understanding of me and it gives you the opportunity to ask me some interesting posts. So whatever questions, movie related or not that you have, ask away. I promise to answer you all. Ask away people, I have a feeling this post will be fun.

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10 thoughts on “Ask Me Anything(Well Almost Anything)

      1. Hello there, Pete… I’m pondering it and becoming closer to thinking I might give it a go.. But, I really don’t have many who write in the comment box for it to even probably even work as well for me.. sort of sad face..

        Take care, Laura


      2. Oh now you tempt me to wanting to give it a try if only for you to ask a question.. I suppose the number of comments don’t really matter as long as friends like you and Ros, partake in the game of asking questions… hum… happy face returned… πŸ™‚


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