June 28 2016 -006

I nurtured two Maple trees around 7 years ago. The first Maple tree grew so fast that I needed to cut it down. I had planted it too close to my lawn mower storage shed, and I was afraid if I allowed it to stay there it would eventually lift up the cement blocks I have in front of the shed…The picture above is of the second Maple tree.  This little tree I like to call Charlie Brown wanna-be, since it had only grown to about 6 feet when I cut down the first maple tree that was at least 14 feet tall at the time.. Picture below….

June 11th 2015 - Black Maple Tree - 006 copy

But, I must clarify my wording on cut it down.. I dug it up! There were 5 main roots deep below the ground when I dug deep enough to expose them properly. My plan is to make this maple that I loved so much since it was just a wee tad of a seedling into a sort of Bonsai.  I planted it into a pot last year and hoped for the best…

Maple Tree Trunk for possible Bonsai - 001

I saved all of the branches from that Maple and stripped the bark off so it could dry out nicely and I’ve been using these branches in the garden when I need to prop something up… Nice hardwood….

The brother (Charlie Brown) of my grand Maple didn’t do so well for the past two years.

Mites on Maple - not harmful to tree - 003

I had a mite invasion on all of the leaves…The other Maple tree was not infected with these tiny red bugs at all…I think the two trees are different species, since the leaves looked different to me. So, this year before the buds appeared on this MITE-y tree I cut it back to the V-junctions of the tree….I was going to dig this one up too, but thought I might just give this a try first before grabbing my shovel in haste…. Trees deserve Second Chances, too…..

June 28 2016 -006

As you can see in the picture the leaves are coming back nicely. So, all I have to do is wait to see if the mites return this year to devour all of the leaves again. I went on the inter-webs to read about mites on maple trees, and they said it will not harm the tree… Huh….

Mites on Maple - not harmful to tree - 001

Not harm the tree?… Really….. These tiny little red dots all over the leaves might look interesting, but these critters would eat away at the leaves until they fell off. I suppose the main trunk of the tree was not harmed (that must be with they meant to say) and it’s coming back surprisingly well this year. Fingers crossed I don’t see those tiny red dots all over it again….

line break image - 014

June 28 2016 - 001

Iceland Mixed Poppies Barrel

June 28 2016 - aaa

I love how the poppies develop into flowers. I had saved all of the seeds from last year and sprinkled them back into the wooden barrel. The seeds are smaller than salt or pepper, and you hope it’s a calm day when you’re sowing the seeds or else you’ll have them all over the yard…

line break image - 014

June 28 2016 -007

This plant began all on its own this year in the garden. At first I thought it was a carrot growing behind my radishes this past spring, but as it grew and grew I could see the tiny leaves better and I think this is dill… A few mornings ago I noticed it was bolting and beginning to set a flower at the very top, with all of the spindly bits around the flower head…

I’m always completely amazed at nature and how everything grows outdoors. I found another herb growing where the wind currents must have taken a few seeds ~ Basil is there to the right of the Dill, and a Swiss Chard popped up too from last year.

I read that Swiss Chard is not a perennial, but some plants can return a 2nd year…Hum… Don’t you just love those little garden surprises ? Or, when I planted my radish seeds a few dill seeds from last year was in the packet…Same with the Swiss Chard, I suppose… But, for whatever reasons these lovely plants are in my garden this makes me a happy gardener just the same….

June 28 2016 -002

My pup wishes for all of you to have a peaceful, relaxing day  🙂


Until next time

~  Laura  ~


4 thoughts on “There’s alot of life in that Maple Tree

    1. Hiya Pete, Thank you for commenting on the history of my Maple trees. I don’t care much for all of those red mites on the leaves either,…Last year I tried water and dish-washing soap, but that did nothing except give those darn mites a nice soapy bath… I think I’ll try water with rubbing alcohol in a spray bottle this year, if they return… I’ll either get the mites drunk or I’ll kill the poor tree.. anyway I have lots of seedlings on the go if that happens..

      Take care, Laura ~


    1. Vinnieh, this is so true and the surprises that arrive after time is the icing on the cake… Good or bad, you can’t have one without the other.. Thank you so very much my friend for visiting my blog about my Maple Trees..

      Take care, Laura ~

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