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Until next time

~  Laura  ~


15 thoughts on “Respect each day as if it’s the last

    1. Thank you so much hon for visiting my little blog, even if I did get a tad (lot) wordy in today’s post.. Bless you for hanging in there with me.. I look so forward to each and every one of your posts, they are so beautiful, and you must be commended for your talents with the camera.. I strive to become 1/4 as good.. Take care, from Laura 🙂

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      1. Hon, I can definitely notice talent with the camera.. Your pictures call out to the viewer and your details in each picture just add to the magic of the pictures you take… I’m always in such a hurry when I take food shots and should follow your pallet for surrounding the main focal point with the needed items.. I love how you use the place-mats or silverware, etc.. I have a limited supply of these things, but after viewing your lovely shots for a few years I went out and bought at the dollar store a few colored plates or just plates of different shapes and wow did my own pictures improve in the final design.. So, I thank you for helping me with my pictures pertaining to the things I cook and showcase.. hugs

        Have a peaceful Sunday my dear,
        Laura 🙂


      2. I love tea towels, so I probably collect them the way other women buy shoes. French dishes make my eyes light up at garage sales and flea markets. My weakness is I love dishes! But my rules is…….if I buy it, I must use it! lol. Blessings! 🍓

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      3. Indeed, I need to hit the garage sales this year and look for old dishes, perhaps even matching my own age.. almost antique eh.. grinning

        I do need lots of neat looking tea towels too, most of mine at just too old and faded to use in my pictures..

        I had been using a homemade light box for taking pictures of my cooked dishes and it worked great, but it was just too big to store when not in use.. I should think about taking shots outside on the wooden picnic table sometimes,,, I think you’ve done that too?..

        Thank you for your response, it’s always a pleasure chatting with you about our blogs and how we do things.. hugs from Laura 🙂


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