#The Weary Traveler by: Laura Scott ~ Part Three ~ Every Friday


The Weary Traveler

Part Three

by: Laura Scott

Illustrations by: Laura Scott

The engine of the truck sounded like a marching band to me as we pulled out of the parking space, heading for Tennessee on our way to Richmond, Texas. My imagination on a scale of one to ten was without a doubt a ten.

No matter what situation I found myself in I always made the best of my circumstances. I mean really…what else was I suppose to do at this point in time? My fate was not held within my own hands, so I’d better make the lemonade taste as sweet as possible. In the grand scheme of things this trip I was on was going to be a magical ride as long as I could keep a positive attitude.

The driver stopped the truck just before we were out of the city limits of Independence and cut the engine off. Which, left me wondering if I’d fallen a sleep and we had arrived in Tennessee already?


Plop!  Went a paper bag of fruit and vegetables the driver threw into the truck just before he jumped back into his seat and re-ignited the engine, again with sounds of a marching band announcing we were on our way again.


The smell of the fruit and even the vegetables made me feel like eating everything in the paper bag, before we were even up to the speed limit on the highway.


To be continued next Friday, so stay tuned for Part Four….



~ No Equipment Needed ~ Take Time to Ponder ~

In the hurry up and get er done, fast pace world we are living in… I say take a few minutes to ponder.. You’d be amazed how good you’ll feel afterward…


Work day is ending.

With the crepuscular rays.

Beckoning a stroll.

line break image - 030

sign for Haiku - 001


Until next time


Whatever do you do when the power goes out?

Last evening just as dinner was finished and I was watching an episode of 24 starring Kiefer Sutherland and just when it was about over ~ You know right where it gets exciting just near the end ~ The Power Went OUT! gee-sh…..Really!


So, fight or flight kicks in as the sun is setting on this day.


The darkness felt as if it were rushing to blanket the house in complete darkness, before I could find the darn matches to light the oil lantern. Just in the nick of time (Just like Jack Bauer) I managed to locate the hiding matches and lit the lantern.

I sat near the golden glow of the lantern, wondering what the pioneer folks use to do as the sun disappeared below the horizon…They probably went to bed right? Since, they only had candles for light after dark ~ Not like our modern homes, where all the lights must have been on when the house fell dark…

The first hour passed by pretty quickly during twilight hour… I let my pup outside and I followed her with my camera, thinking I’d try to figure out in the dimmest of light from the day, how to make a movie of my pup looking for that mischievous squirrel who loves to taunt her daily.

June 28 2016 -002

If, I can’t see those tiny buttons in the sunlight how on earth was I going to be able to figure this out? I ask ya…

Well, you do what anyone who hasn’t a clue does…. You press each of the buttons until you arrive at the one you want.. Eureka! That actually worked for me.. Note to self: It’s the tiny red button on the back.. I know I should have read the booklet that came with the digital camera, but… the print was so tiny I couldn’t read it.. Yes, I hear what you all are thinking right about now… Get New Glasses for goodness sake…


So, I manage to film 3 separate short movies with the camera, feeling pretty dog-gone happy with this feat as the twilight hour is almost complete. I hurry back inside and I think I cleaned the dinner dishes alright… ? Hum… Note to self: re-wash them tomorrow…

So, I fumble upstairs when I remembered I have a battery run emergency radio with a little light on the front inside my dresser.. Now, which drawer was that bloody thing in?


Eureka! Second one so far of the evening… I found it and hoped that the last power outage I remembered to remove the batteries from the back of the compartment or else they might leak and ruin the only radio and outlet to the outside world. I wanted to know why the power went out as they usually report on such things.


Why oh why was I so stubborn and not buy an I Phone? I thought while slowly walking back down the stairs with the radio to check inside if all was well with the world….If I had one of those fancy phones, it has a light so bright that it could light up the entire living room..


Also, I could check Face-book and read if anyone local was posting about the outage.


The second hour was spent listening to the radio for reports if any ~ Which there was NOT ! All I heard was music that sounded very bad on this tiny radio, until I found the antenna….Oh my technology these days sure has spoiled us almost to the point we don’t know what to do with ourselves when the power goes out just as it’s getting dark…

All I wanted to do this evening was prepare a nice little post for you here on Word Press, and perhaps work on another YouTube video. The next forty-five minutes was spent in my garage with the oil lantern looking for a piece of wood to make something tomorrow.

I had to sit down on the stairs in the garage and laugh my fool head off. Why couldn’t I just sit in my rocking chair, after all I did just get closer to sixty this past August. But, oh no I needed to go into a dark garage and look for wood.. No dirty thoughts here, Please….I’m too tired to backspace and correct the wording, and if you chuckle ~ All the better.

While, I was laughing so hard tears were rolling down my face the garage door opener light came on !

Eureka ! Number Three the power had been returned and all would go back to normal once again. I walked inside with the wood I needed and started to turn off all of the lights but one. Remember they were all on when the power went out..

This is why I just didn’t go to bed when the lights went out.. Hydro gets enough of my money as it is.. Can’t be having all of the downstairs lights on all night…



Until next time


Just because I can ~ Remembering back…

I’ve taken a break from working on my illustrations for my short story I want to release in the Fall, or that was the plan in the beginning when I started using the Pen Tablet in harmony with my computer.

But, sometimes you just need to play simply Just Because I Can….

I finished working on a few digital photographs ~ making them smaller in size to put in my blogs, since I do use quite a few pictures I’d run out of free room on this blog in no time at all if I used each one at its full size. I use Photo Shop to help me out with that tasks and one day I just needed to play on there. You see there are so many things this program can do and I’ve not even scratched the surface to what it can show to me.

So, I became a child once again and without thought or a plan I started doodling.

night - 004

I can tell you that I never planned on showing this doodle to anyone and it was going into the trash bin as soon as I was done playing around ~ Yet, smiling all the while….Hum?

I truly believe that every single thing we do has a reason and or purpose in our day. Through the grins I began to wonder just what I was thinking at the time I was drawing this in Photo Shop.

First, my birthday was fast approaching and I was actually very happy about being another year older. Not, for the reasons some of you might guess, but because I’m really loving each new year as it comes around on the calendar.

All of the Hot Flashes are over ~ Thank heavens for that because mine began in my early forties, and lasted well over twelve years. Hum…I see half a red face, neck and some red on the body of this character, yet she’s smiling….

For me the Change of Life was a welcome change of season for my life. Many things were ending and yet many were just beginning too. I pondered over the side of the face that was black…..?

Darkness, was my first thought, until I could see the black was merely a clean slate for which to draw upon.. Such as to say I’m not nearing the end, but rather a new fresh beginning containing as many possibilities as I wish to have.

I know some of you might say, “Ugh…here’s another positive thinker….”

Yes, yes I am and it has taken me many decades to arrive at this destination in life. I’ve fought through many decades of illness, depression, feeling less of a human because I didn’t go out into the world and make a name for myself.

MBLOG - Bed 2013 - resized 30

But, those things were not on my blank slate…I had other plans for this beautiful lifetime I was going to have. Children, were on the top of my list even though I was just dropped off by my dad many many moons ago on my grandparents doorstep at two years old.. He never returned…

That was the beginning challenge I faced, and I can remember all the way back to being two years old watching my daddy walk down the long driveway of my grandparents and jump into a yellow taxi cab ~ Not looking back once…

So, when this positive person is always appearing Jolly and Happy ~ it’s because I’ve lived a hard life, yet determined to make this my life a better one ~ beyond the shit storms that happened.. and there were many….I will always live with depression I found out, but I fight like a boxer to keep my thoughts and views positive.

It’s really a chore some days to keep smiling through the pain life has in store for us, but I look at the pain a lot like childbirth… After, the pain is gone look what you’re left with.. A miracle smiling up at you.

Black & White

Sad & Happy

Night & Day


Just to name a few…we can’t have one without the other…All of the colors of the Rainbow or a box of crayons make up my life.. And, I plan on doodling until the end of my days. Either on paper or on my new found friend the Pen Tablet for my computer.

And, of course last but not least, the trees in the pictures below are a symbol of longevity, strength, beauty, comfort from the hot sun, they feed the earths soil, and lastly these beautiful trees all around me keep me positive and strong, yet able to sway when the winds blow hard against the limbs….Like these Cedar trees do…

August 29th 2016 - 005

August 29th 2016 - 004

line break image - 023


Until next time


What’s all the fuss about ~ Fingerling Potatoes

I am beginning to love my attempts at growing my own potatoes from the sprouting spuds in the bag bought from the store. When I harvested my first container of spuds this year, along the roots were tiny spuds, actually they are called Fingerling Potatoes.

If you’re in the grocery store looking in the potato section and notice this little bag pictured below and read the name, Fingerling potatoes these are merely the same potatoes that will if you’re lucky grow huge such as baking potato size.

Fingerlings potatoesAugust 22 2016 - 017

I had around a half dozen of the tiny spuds called fingerling potatoes after my first harvest. I don’t know why this realization never happened before. I noticed that the small bag of fingerling potatoes in my grocery store cost 3 or 4 times the cost of a 10 pound bag of regular spuds.

Fingerling Potatoes on Wooden Sign

These fingerlings potatoes are finding themselves on dinner plates at fancy restaurants and I’m sure they come to you at a dear cost to your wallet. Same as buying these small bags of fingerling potatoes in your own grocery stores.

On the other side of this silly issue I’m having with fingerling potatoes, I suppose little kids who may not want to eat potatoes ~ They might have a fascination for the tiny spuds on their tiny dinner plates using their tiny hands to hold these small spuds.  I try to see both sides of many things that catch my eye, but why on earth would they charge you so much more for so much less of the simple tasty potato?

Just pondering over here…. So, if you garden and want to grow your own potatoes please do so, because it’s a lot of fun and you’ll wind up with  a handful of those pricey fingerling potatoes in the mix…

What did I do with my home grown fingerling potatoes from container #1? You might be wondering…

I peeled, sliced, boiled them. Drained them in my handy dandy tiny colander, below…

Handy dandy green collander on green background

Isn’t that just the cutest colander you’ve ever seen. Now, I know I didn’t need yet another colander for straining things, but if you think about it it’s just right for strawberries, blueberries, and now my newly grown Fingerling Potatoes. Just small enough and not too big.. This reminds me of the childhood story about Goldilocks and the Three Bears.

Goldilocks and the Three Bears on brown background

I don’t know why this reminded me of that childhood favorite story of mine, except for thinking about the stack of colanders I have in my kitchen or talking with you about children and their tiny hands, but on with what I made with the itty bitty potatoes…

I browned them in olive oil, adding chopped white onions. Letting them brown a little. Then walked out on the patio deck and cut a few Green onions and chives from my homemade garden trug. Broke a few eggs into the pan and cooked these all together, calling my daughter in for a nice brunch served with hot creamy buttered toast and a huge slice of tomato on the side. Yum.. Is all that I can say.. except for get growing next season and add potatoes to your garden…


Until next time…