Wintertime in the City and Our Community of Ice Fishing Huts

Sometimes, you just have to brave the utter cold and Gail force winds to see the beauty that is a true Canadian Winter. I tip my hat off to all of the brave souls who venture onto this frozen lake and sit in the Ice huts to fish during wintertime. I’m still a chicken little and have not walked over the frozen lake yet… and probably will never do so. I’d rather swim in the lake during the summertime, instead.. Enjoy, this little video of my Canadian Winter… hugs

Part Two


Here’s Part One, a few days before…



Friday the 13th 2017 ~ Good Morning

I certainly miss my days before retirement. I use to eagerly await Friday, because the weekend was on the horizon and I always looked so forward to putting my feet up. Now, I can do that at any time of the day right? Not so much….

I think I’m tired of all this snow already and just want to return to work. Hum, just kidding…




I let my dreams wander ~ Sleep well my lovely as the morning will bring upon the rooftops lots of snow….

Hello there January ~ It is your time to show us no mercy for it is winter here in Canada. Where only the bravest souls survive the 6 months of cold, and snowy weather. If, you’re granted serenity from Mother Nature, she will never give you more than you can shovel… Yeah, Right!

Thank you for spending a few seconds with me here today, there’s more on the horizon for this afternoon….


Rare Snow in Hawaii ~ June 15th 2016

June 15th 2016 Rare Snow in Hawaii covering Manuna Kea Volcano

(Pictures from The Weather Channel)

It snowed in Hawaii on June 15th 2016

Given the extremely high elevation of Mauna Kea 4,205 meters is likely to see snow, but it’s rare for this time of year my weather channel reported. Wow…I’m glad we didn’t see any of the white stuff here in northern Ontario, Canada…But, I’ve seen it snow here in June also…

Although I’d just call that a dusting of sorts, and not really accumulation of any magnitude, but snow just the same.. Something for you to ponder over on this warm Friday morning.. it’s already 22c here at 9:46 with the temperatures expected to rise into the weekend up to 30c.

Have a wonderful weekend out there to all of my friends who follow me and to all that just ponder over my blogs just because it’s fun… hugs


Until next time


Be Wise & Listen to your Weather Channel

This morning I woke quite early, even before the sun rose on the horizon. I really don’t actually enjoy this time of morning, just before everything is awake around me. I have to be so quite at this time and can’t bang around in my kitchen making that first glorious cup of coffee.

Even if most mornings it’s the instant version of real coffee. Now, I must confess something and I ask if you promise not to laugh too awfully hard ~ I’ll make a small confession to you…

I bought one of those handy dandy coffee makers that you pop one of those pods into and before you can even wipe the sleep outta your eyes, it’s done ~ That steaming hot cup of Joe in your cup of choice.

Well….as it happened the pod coffee maker was a steal on sale which is what prompted me to make such a purchase in the first place, I did know the pods at the store could be costly, completely wiping out the savings for the coffee maker. But, and yes there is always a but….

I planned on only using this new toy on the rarest occasions when I was dog tired in the morning and use other methods instead most days. I bought a box of the pods and placed them high on my fridge – (high for me because I’m short like a tadpole) I’d need my little stool to reach up to the top to retrieve the box of pods ~ sort of like a savings account for down the road when I needed quick and easy.

Sad thing is my legs gravitated onto that blasted stool, until the pod box was totally empty. Now I’ve done it! I’ve become addicted to the ease and enjoyment of these tasty selections for coffee. (lots of varieties for the pods) HowΒ  on earth could I ever go back to a regular cup of coffee (instant) and having to wait for the kettle to boil (over 5 minutes)

I’d gone and done it ~ spoiled myself and messed up my morning routine as a happy camper. I’d need to form a group of spoiled coffee drinkers and be a comfort to others with the same empty wallets to keep buying those delightful little pod of ground coffee.

Be wise and always remember and never forget ~ always listen to your inner voice…

What you don’t have one of those? Hum…I bet you do ~ you’re just waiting a bit to admit it… πŸ™‚

Our winter appears to be taking a back seat and spring is springing forward just like the moving our clocks ahead by an hour.. (What’s the point I ask you ~ if only to set them back again)

I can report there are signs of puddles in my driveway, especially the part of driveway that’s sinking, looking more like a bowl for the puddle than a nice flat drive of asphalt. I was told the trees in my front yard are the culprit for this transformation. The roots growing underneath are moving the soil outta the way and causing the driveway to sink in spots. SINKHOLE ALERT!

melting snow and puddles

I’ve had a nightmare or two about my C.R.V. falling into my driveway when it gave way to a sinkhole. Scary stuff I tell you, and so is the ground freezing and thawing causing havoc also to the driveway and the surrounding roadways. It’s like an obstacle course driving in the spring, and probably the same where you are if you get snow in the wintertime.

So, watch the weather channel because they are calling for the temps to warm up which is a sign to make an appointment with your local garage to remove the snow tires and replace the all seasons. You might as well get an oil change, because you’re probably due for that too..

This is the time to not enjoy the dirty looking snow as it melts and the big reveal of trash thrown without thought (by others, not me) The birds tell the true tale as they perch atop the remaining snow banks waiting for tasty treats on garbage day … (After a gale force snow storm done blew away your garbage can lid ~ never to be found again …I numbered my can but forgot to house number my lid just in case someone found it and was feeling generous and return it to me…..

Lift off to spring

Take care and enjoy your day and evening

I sure plan on it, because it’s time to put my snowblower away, until next winter

snowblower - resized 20

(I hope)



A Bed of Snow ~ April 8th 2016

April 8th 2016 - A Bed of Snow - resized 30

I survived the past two days of heavy snowfall wondering if I’d ever get the chance to put seeds into my homemade garden trug. Last year I made the garden trug with a few alterations to my own liking. Many times the snow has melted off the soil in the planter only to snow again to offer a new blanket of snow. I suppose since it was and still is winter here I shouldn’t be at all surprised. πŸ™‚

I’ve enjoyed watching the footprints the critters have made in the snow on my deck. Every morning I wake up to freshly fallen snow. My pup also finds these visitors interesting as much as I do, sniffing every spot where they left their impressions.

It’s a morning routine in the wee hours for us, I with my coffee cup in hand looking around as she pushes the snow with the tip of her black nose. Guarding the patio after sniffing the scents they left behind. I always (if seen by others) have a curious expression on my face, wondering just how she can smell anything in the cold snow.

I’m just happy that my sense of smell is not that of a dog, because taking out the garbage would become a unpleasant job to say the least, or when clearing the yard of the little presents she leaves behind. Oh my…Good heavens for a human nose half plugged by a sinus condition… πŸ™‚

I woke this morning feeling my age of almost sixty. Gosh….that felt odd typing my almost age. I’ve never validated it before in public…hum…it’s almost invigorating! I rested yesterday for a few hours after shoveling with my daughter, before I even thought about attempting to see what was wrong with the snowblower that died on me.

I tinkered around with this monster of a machine which I’ve owned for almost 18 years. The snowblower wasn’t one of those machines with many bells and whistles. It is just a run of the mill machine. You yank on the pull cord, and pray it coughed and burps until it roars with a thud announcing it’s ready to blow some snow.

With tools in my hands and a how to book marked on the section for snowblowers I began to try and solve the mystery. With the grace of stubbornness I figured it out and got it running once again. I blew the snow at 7:30 this morning reminding myself ~ Your as young as you want to be, even if your body is telling you otherwise.

Back in my twenties I thought a person of the nearing age of sixty just sat in a chair and hoped to not fall and break a hip… But, now that I’ve almost arrived at the golden age I’m out there last summer moving with both hands and a strong back the logs to make my third permaculture bed. I’ve not had a cold in over seventeen years, most of which is without a flu shot.

I must be doing something right, or I’ve been blessed because I’ve never once given up on my faith in all of these years, even when being tested after losing my husband to a sudden heart attack when our children were little. Perhaps, trying to find a brighter side to life when it’s dark all around has been the ingredient to success for me. Perhaps, it just is…. simple as that. But, for what ever reasons ~ I’m truly grateful and honored to have you spend the time reading my blogs. This really means the world to me that you do ~~~

Take care and have a most delightful day…Β Β  πŸ™‚


Snowblower quit on me! April 7th 2016

April 7th 2016 - 001 - resized 30

It’s Spring right? I mean I didn’t just imagine what the calendar is telling me to be true…We did have the spring showers last week, without the dreaded hail usual for this time of year. The 7 foot snow bank on the side of my driveway just in front of the two evergreens trees you see in the picture was melting at record speed ~ that was last week…

Mother nature can be a beast at times rearing her will to suit her needs. I suppose on occasion I too have been known to behave in this manner. Some times I just can’t look at another piece of raw chicken trying to figure out a new way of cooking such poultry. Since, I’ve given up eating beef ~ Oh my beloved T-Bone had to take a backseat due to a condition that would get worse if I eat it. My poor rusting B.B.Q. is saddened by these changes in our eating habits, and has taken to pealing off its layer of red paint on the top of the lid.

I actually think I heard it out there on my deck moaning one day back when the weather was warm on the skin and you could sit outdoors watching nature at its best. But, I soon realized the darn tank was hissing at me from a slow leak ~ Thank goodness the tank didn’t blow up on me. I probably was drugging some poor chipmunk that likes to linger on the bottom rack of the B.B.Q. stand. Propane, hum….Danger Will Robertson!

I’ve always been a bit shy about that first firing up of my grill after the automatic starter button bit the dust eons ago. Now I have to strike a match and shove it in the hole at the bottom, ready to dart off in the other direction if flames start to happen where they are not suppose too.

But, I brave that first piece of chicken I throw on the grill with glee since it taste so much better than what I can do with it indoors on the stove or oven. But, beware they say not to char the meat because that’s suppose to be no goodΒ  for you. Hum….What’s a girl to do? I ask you…..

So, I’ll just shovel the white stuff as it continues to float down, and often blow in directions atΒ  gale force speeds today. To not go stark raving mad, I’m trying to look on the brighter side of things as my daughter (who helped me shovel this morning) said upon coming back inside all covered in snow like I was….”I want to move…” she said.

My response being a transplanted American to Canada for over 30 years…”It’s Canada…”

Sometimes you just have to view certain things on the brighter side, perhaps the snow out there that’s blowing in all different directions is just confused…. which way do I go, which way do I blow…Β Β  πŸ™‚

Take care out there today, where ever you may be and if your weather is grand get outside and take advantage of the glorious day.