The Lake ~ Part 4 ~ The approaching Sunset

July 25th 2016 - 023

We were about five minutes away from the sun falling below the horizon and I could feel excitement about this day coming to such a beautiful end. The sweet taste of the strawberry milkshake lingered, dissolving into a faint tasty memory… I don’t usually drink such sweet drinks so this evening was a treat for me.

July 25th 2016 - 034

I looked around me and noticed something magical… Everyone stopped looking for Pokemon on their cell phones and begun to gaze at the setting sun. Most of them were pointing their cell phones toward the horizon getting ready for that special moment when the blaze of sun dips just below the horizon and you can take a picture without that horrid streak of light dashing across your less than perfect picture.

I still had a few minutes before I could begin myself trying to get a good shot of the sunset, when I looked down at all of the rocks just a half a meter from my feet. I looked at the various rocks with their distinct markings almost resembling a family of many colors. Thoughts began to race around in my mind about all of the people who I was sharing this evening with. Young, old, middle aged, children, and even a few toddlers. I also counted at least 6 strollers passing by with their mothers, and fathers smiling about the coolness of the evening, fresh breeze and the occasional spritz from the water hitting the rocks and touching our faces.

We were all like those amazing rocks gathered right in front of me.. many look different, different markings, different colors, different sizes, but still rocks just the same.. We are all human and we belong to the family of humanity….We need peace one strong rock at a time, one human at a time… if these rocks could speak what would they tell us? They’ve been around this earth a lot longer that any of us… Wisdom comes in many shapes and sizes…..

July 25th 2016 - 021

To be continued…


Until next time…

~Laura ~