How do you view each day?

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Have you ever found a store receipt in the void that is the bottom of your handbag or tucked away between the sections of a wallet? Let’s say its been hiding in there for months and when you go to clean out your mode of storing those store and bank cards do you merely find a number of blank looking pieces of paper that was once your only proof of a purchase?

The type of paper the stores are using is completely different from a few decades ago. We could keep a receipt for years, before it began to fade and that was only if we handled the paper often.. Hum… why would we do that, well sometimes we might…. 🙂

I love taking pictures with my digital camera and find the ease of putting the pictures of the day on the computer and either sizing them down to add into this blog so I don’t run out of free space on here too quickly. This action really got me to thinking and I must say at times too much thinking can get me into trouble…

Pictures, we take them with such love and pride in our work. Only to store them away on itty bitty thumb drives or in a carefully labeled folders on our machines of choice. What happens to all of those pictures we take and hope to share one day with friends like you all here on WordPress or with family members?

Clarity, I suppose is in the eye of the beholder as I sit in my garden looking around at the beauty that has been there since spring. From the honeysuckle bush void of all leaves after the long winter months. I see it begin to bud and I know in a very short time it will be full of leaves followed by lovely sweet smelling flowers….I sometimes bring the pictures into my Photo-shop program and play around with the color, because my little digital camera does not show me what I see when taking shots of the flowers. I enhance some of the photos not to deceive you with some of the photographs, but merely to try and enhance their beauty as I see them through my own eyes.

Storage, I have boxes of photograph albums with real pictures that are printed out on special photo paper that I would have developed and wait a week to see if any of my photos were any good. My old Minolta camera that used film took some really nice pictures. It was not a point and shoot camera like I have now with my digital camera with its hand steady function…(I love that function with my sometimes wobbly hands)

I wonder about all of the pictures I’ve taken that are stored on thumb drives or in my computers folders, since I’ve owned so many different computers and they crash and die after a given amount of time. If, you haven’t saved your treasures on something like (old school days, Floppy disks) C.D. or thumb drives, external hard drives, the list is endless they are lost forever only to remain in our memories, until such time they too fade away like those store receipts….

Store receipts, that I get and I really need to save ~ Let’s say after buying a new computer, or laptop, I-Pad, etc.. I scan those into my printer and save with the paperwork of said purchases so they too won’t fade away just before the warranty has ended for a replacement of said purchases is needed.. I’ve actually had that happen to me and they would not replace said machine without the receipt, and I can’t blame them..

Photographs,  if lost to a corrupted thumb drive, external hard drive, or C.D. that only last for about ten years.. will be gone forever too…as my son has always reminded me to back up anything that I don’t want to disappear .. Especially, the illustrations I’ve been working on for one of my short stories. After each panel is completed I save it to a thumb drive, and then over to a C.D. as it would be a complete shame to go to use them and they will not work….

How do you view each day?

I’d like to think I see the beauty that is around me and the possibilities for enhancement that I can then offer to you. I also see a black and white version of most things, trying to find clarity in my life, minus the distractions of my day…

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Until next time

My pup and I wish you a peaceful Sunday

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Woof, woof

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I spy with my one good eye…

July 14th 2016 - 008

Well here you go just in case

July 14th 2016 - 007

There it is!

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This morning I was certain we’d finally get the rain we were promised, two days in a row its suppose to rain ~ not very much, but rain just the same…

I rise very early in the morning, yet not early enough to catch the sunrise each day, so this explains why I’ve not posted any amazing sunrises on my blog.. Six in the morning is early enough for me…


So, I’m sitting on my crafted wooden bench this morning at 6:10, well I do have to get dressed so that takes a few and brew that glorious first cup of coffee. I look up at the sky as I sip my coffee, steaming from the cup my daughter bought for me last Christmas and looked at the dark clouds overhead.. Smiling was next on the agenda for me this early morning just knowing we’d get rain today…


But, nope, nadda, no way… just about the time I finished my cup of Joe thinking about what today was going to be like and what could I possibly do in the gardens. Remember I’ve 5 permaculture beds that need admiring on a daily basis first thing in the morning…..

The carrots always need praising as I stroll by trying my best to miss the little gifts my pup leaves me upon her first outing of the day. As I’ve posted yesterday this heat has really pumped up the growing season for us here in Northern Ontario, Canada. It was a very slow start to gardening as it remained cold and chilly at night. The tiny seeds in the beds refused to pop their fragile little heads out of the soil for a long time.

With very little rain to speak of and the continued heat I wait on my tomato plants to take hold and really get moving toward their end… Salsa Canning Time…But, I’ll have to wait until late August to see ripening tomatoes on the vines of my many tomato plants… My trial with slicing one slice off a store bought tomato has proven to be working. ( In case you missed that blog episode ~ take one slice of a tomato and plop it into dirt and wait for the 30 -50 new tomato seedlings to grow) I just wish I began this trial back in the late Wintertime, so the plants would have had a good start even before heading outside.

My indoor Jalapenos plant is really producing for me in the big round clay pot, I felt it was doing so well indoors that I’d leave it inside and see just how long I can keep it alive and producing fruit. The stem is really hardy and thick now, since I prune it back at the V junctions after I’ve harvested the peppers. This way it strengthens the plant and becomes very happy for the short rest…

Back to this morning I looked over at my roll of chicken wire that I used to make cages for my potato plants in containers ~ hoping to keep the sneaky chipmunks outta there… I still had lots left and what does a bored gardening woman do when she’s bored? She makes two more cages for her two deck tomato plants which are in containers…But, when working with chicken wire if you’ve ever had the pleasure it can cut you like butter everywhere…

I know I should have worn gloves, but I can’t cut the wire while wearing those things…So, I suffer through it for the benefit of soon to be Salsa…. I left the tops open of course in anticipation of my plants growing tall. Each time I go to water the plants I find yet another cut on my arm from the wire cage. Hum…what’s a gal to do ?

She roots around in her garage for an old hose that is no longer any good (I hang on to most things such as this) I thought about slicing the hose down the middle and place it on top of the cages.

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July 14th 2016 - 002

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 It popped fine as kind right on top of the cage like a glove.. (pun) and I tied it with the twine my thoughtful daughter bought for me when out and about with her friends for a day of shopping.

July 14th 2016 - 012

Isn’t she just a sweet-heart ❤

Well, that so far has been my day (July 14th 2016) and I think I’ll go and take another look outside to see if those darn rain clouds are really coming our way…

Oh, and to not cause confusion I’ve begun to write my posts a day in advance and set them to release the following morning at 7 A.M. That way I can get outside in the morning and garden while it’s not hot …


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July 14th 2016 - 009

July 14th 2016 - 011

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Until next time

My pup & I wish for you all to have a peaceful day and evening…

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Woof, woof…

There’s alot of life in that Maple Tree

June 28 2016 -006

I nurtured two Maple trees around 7 years ago. The first Maple tree grew so fast that I needed to cut it down. I had planted it too close to my lawn mower storage shed, and I was afraid if I allowed it to stay there it would eventually lift up the cement blocks I have in front of the shed…The picture above is of the second Maple tree.  This little tree I like to call Charlie Brown wanna-be, since it had only grown to about 6 feet when I cut down the first maple tree that was at least 14 feet tall at the time.. Picture below….

June 11th 2015 - Black Maple Tree - 006 copy

But, I must clarify my wording on cut it down.. I dug it up! There were 5 main roots deep below the ground when I dug deep enough to expose them properly. My plan is to make this maple that I loved so much since it was just a wee tad of a seedling into a sort of Bonsai.  I planted it into a pot last year and hoped for the best…

Maple Tree Trunk for possible Bonsai - 001

I saved all of the branches from that Maple and stripped the bark off so it could dry out nicely and I’ve been using these branches in the garden when I need to prop something up… Nice hardwood….

The brother (Charlie Brown) of my grand Maple didn’t do so well for the past two years.

Mites on Maple - not harmful to tree - 003

I had a mite invasion on all of the leaves…The other Maple tree was not infected with these tiny red bugs at all…I think the two trees are different species, since the leaves looked different to me. So, this year before the buds appeared on this MITE-y tree I cut it back to the V-junctions of the tree….I was going to dig this one up too, but thought I might just give this a try first before grabbing my shovel in haste…. Trees deserve Second Chances, too…..

June 28 2016 -006

As you can see in the picture the leaves are coming back nicely. So, all I have to do is wait to see if the mites return this year to devour all of the leaves again. I went on the inter-webs to read about mites on maple trees, and they said it will not harm the tree… Huh….

Mites on Maple - not harmful to tree - 001

Not harm the tree?… Really….. These tiny little red dots all over the leaves might look interesting, but these critters would eat away at the leaves until they fell off. I suppose the main trunk of the tree was not harmed (that must be with they meant to say) and it’s coming back surprisingly well this year. Fingers crossed I don’t see those tiny red dots all over it again….

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June 28 2016 - 001

Iceland Mixed Poppies Barrel

June 28 2016 - aaa

I love how the poppies develop into flowers. I had saved all of the seeds from last year and sprinkled them back into the wooden barrel. The seeds are smaller than salt or pepper, and you hope it’s a calm day when you’re sowing the seeds or else you’ll have them all over the yard…

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June 28 2016 -007

This plant began all on its own this year in the garden. At first I thought it was a carrot growing behind my radishes this past spring, but as it grew and grew I could see the tiny leaves better and I think this is dill… A few mornings ago I noticed it was bolting and beginning to set a flower at the very top, with all of the spindly bits around the flower head…

I’m always completely amazed at nature and how everything grows outdoors. I found another herb growing where the wind currents must have taken a few seeds ~ Basil is there to the right of the Dill, and a Swiss Chard popped up too from last year.

I read that Swiss Chard is not a perennial, but some plants can return a 2nd year…Hum… Don’t you just love those little garden surprises ? Or, when I planted my radish seeds a few dill seeds from last year was in the packet…Same with the Swiss Chard, I suppose… But, for whatever reasons these lovely plants are in my garden this makes me a happy gardener just the same….

June 28 2016 -002

My pup wishes for all of you to have a peaceful, relaxing day  🙂


Until next time

~  Laura  ~