Animating my way through Winter…

I still have 5 feet of snow in my backyard where I do my Springtime gardening each year. This year I decided that I’d try my hand at learning a new trick. Not, pertaining to gardening, but rather teaching myself how to animate. You will see (thank heavens) a progression in my abilities with each new animation that I released to the public.

My love of gardening is followed by my love of creating, which is actually what gardening is all about. So, whether it’s Art or Gardening I am in my up most happy place creating. I hope you enjoy my baby steps into animating and if one day I become good I  hope to hear from Spielberg.  (Insert laugh track here…)

Toonie Tuesdays began on YouTube back on January 30th 2018

I’m pleased to introduce you to Wilson and Harley

(Click on Each Video to View)

With each new frame I created I grew excited daily to bring these two characters to life. I began drawing my heart out digitally using a digital Pen Tablet and SketchBook Pro.

Winter time in Northern Ontario, Canada can become challenging in more ways than one and to keep a feeling of ” Well Being” can be a tricky thing when the daylight hours are at a minimum and the dark skies of a snowy winter can alter how you feel each day. So, I battle my way through the winters here doing things that can offer me smiles and enjoyment. Last winter I had an indoor garden all winter long, but I also had those gnats flying around all last winter too, due to them hatching from the store bought potting soil.

Between shoveling off my deck and snow-blowing the driveway many times I began creating something fun for myself. I figured if I could make myself giggle I just might be able to bring a few smiles or two to other folks who are struggling to find their own Winter time smiles.

Now, I know these are not the best around and some folks may even say they are not very good, but this is the beginning of animation for me and I started out not knowing what on earth I was doing. Baby steps remember, and learning as I go.

When I hear something that I’ve drawn has made someone smile or just felt better then I know I am on the right track with this path I’ve taken. These are not merely for my own enjoyment they are for you my friends here.  The folks who are sitting here reading this typed out message and watching the birth of Wilson & Harley….


When I arrived at this point in time for creating the above animation I’d been pondering (I do this a lot) for many hours over just how I wanted to change up my skills and thought of something that just might work out.

Bam !  I was blown away by what I created here and I am very excited for you all to see….


So, I think I’ve kept you all here much too long and I’ll save the next ones for future blog posts. If, you’ve made it thus far I truly Thank you from the bottom of my heart and I hope that I’ve left a few smiles in my wake…. hugs



Severe Thunderstorm Watch & Heat Warning !


We’ve got a storm brewing up just north of us. {July 21st 2016}  So, what does a gardener do? You might ask…

She grabs her twine and scissors to anchor her tomato plants for the winds that are approaching. With that done she drags the planters underneath the over hang of the roof, hoping that if it does hail they will be protected. I could bring them indoors, but rather any of the bugs in the planters stay outside. I have more tomato plants planted down in the yard inside the caged permaculture beds and I feel they will be alright there during this storm. ~ I sure hope! ~

The potato plants are snug as a bug in a rug inside of the chicken wire cages I made for them a month ago, so they too should fair nicely.. There is talk of a tornado on the weather channel, but as with all bad storms you just never know what you’re going to get. I also tied up my sunflower plant loosely, so it can wave in the winds ~ hopefully not breaking in half….

Just before I needed to start cooking dinner, I got an idea for this blog. While I was worried about strong winds, torrential rain, hail and a possible tornado I thought about the Wizard of Oz movie where Dorothy looks up at the darkening sky with worry in every bone in her body.

Dorothy storm coming with black background

So, I postponed starting dinner until 5 and grabbed the Pen Tablet and started drawing out an outline I wanted and would do the coloring later after the dinner dishes were all done and put away…I also replaced my plants as we just received a light rain even though the skies darkened and the wind began to whip around when I was driving to pick up my daughter at work….

After a delicious meal of stir-fry and pork fried rice I settled down at the computer to put some color to my rendition of Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, which happens to be one of my most favorite movies, along with Gone with the Wind…My grandfather was a motorcycle policeman back then when these movies were being filmed, and he knew most of the actors in both films and I have lovely old photographs to smile when looking at all of these Grand Actors & Actresses…

line break image - 030


Until next time

~ My pup & I wish a wonderful day and evening for you all ~

My pup - summer of 2014 - resized 50

Dreaming of Carrots and Beets

Little Miss Muffet drawing for blog

Along with permaculture gardening I have been playing around with a drawing tool for the computer, called a Pen Tablet. This one below is a Wacom Bamboo-Fun Tablet

Wacom bambo fun pen tablet

My son loaned me one of his older tablets and I’ve been having a lot of fun with this medium. My critter which I ran the contest for was drawn on the Pen tablet, and this little girl was also drawn on the pen tablet and I added the image of the girl to my garden bed picture taken yesterday. Boy, oh boy are my beets finally taking off.

Monkey Man - 005 - Resized 90

This was my first attempt using the pen tablet.

line break image - 014

I’ve also been working on other drawings that will be used as illustrations for one of my short stories. I hope to complete the drawings for the story by Fall of this year, and post them here and on YouTube.

So, that’s what I’ve been doing when not outside in the garden, or taking pictures of the flowers and my pup…


Until next time

~ Laura & her Pup ~

My pup - summer of 2014 - resized 50

Nameless Creature Artwork Completed~Raffle with a Prize Begins

Monkey Man - 005 - Resized 90

Let the Games Begin !

❤   Raffle open June 5th ~ June 12th  ❤

Naming of the Creature Raffle Draw with a prize!

(We must fill this jar …. I hope)


Raffle Draw - 001


Tell all of your friends and neighbors to join in…

I’ve decided to begin a Raffle Draw with a prize (small) All I ask is your help and participation in naming my creature standing in the middle of two cherry trees.

Each person who offers an idea will be added to the glass jar you see here, and I shall draw out the name live on YouTube and announce the winner… (well I mean film with my little camera and make a video and put on YouTube) I suppose you already understood that eh?

I will then ask for the winner to send to me their email address, so i can get their mailing address for which to mail their prize…Remember this is a little game of fun so keep the names clean please.. which of course I know all of you will anyway..

So, take a moment to post in the comments a origin and a name for my drawing…

Many thanks for your participation and joining in with me  ❤


Until next time