My Christmas Elf returns this year….

Just after being sick with a cold for over a month, my Christmas Elf returned this year to help me out in the kitchen to prepare Gluten Free Pie crusts for the mini Apple pies I’m making for my son. Due to terrible skin allergies he has had to give up all gluten.. Please enjoy this bit of whimsy for your post Christmas Day…..


And, if you have a few moments to spare, join my beautiful daughter and I in the kitchen to whip up some tasty treats..


Thanking you all kindly for spending some holiday time with my family, Hugs….



I am Gadget Girl (woman)…Old woman!

Betty Crocker Pizza Maker - 001

Presenting the Betty Crocker Pizza Maker

I one-hundred percent admit that gadgets for the kitchen, gardening, laundry room…make me a happy woman, alright old woman… I can say that about myself because it’s true, but don’t let anyone else call me old… Those are fighting words… So, now that you’re completely warned about that, let me continue with the post…    🙂

I found this kitchen gadget for my kitchen last year and have made wonderful pizza’s inside of this machine. You can buy store bought pizza dough (shame on you for not making it from scratch) Hee, Haw… like I do… Well I’m retired, so I have lots of time on my hands and my children are grown… So, moving onward….

The booklet that came with the machine gives instructions for homemade dough.. you make the shells first and cook them, then you top your pizza and cook again… So, its like store bought dough after all… isn’t it.. (homemade taste better….just saying)

The booklet comes with instructions for making a pizza sized Chocolate Chip Cookie! Come ON! Really… A pizza size cookie…..I’d be in heaven with something like that or you can make it and it can be for a surprise for someone you love…. Or if that person is dieting and you don’t care for them this size cookie will totally blow there diet all to the southern regions for sure…. Alright, it’s so hot here and I’m on my last nerve trying to sleep…

So, I decided last evening to try my own lower calorie brownie recipe in my handy dandy Pizza Maker and cut the finished product with a pizza cutter, how cute eh?

On with the show… here’s my creation in my Betty Crocker Pizza Maker

Homemade Brownies

(Oh and they are somewhat thin, so less calories!)

Betty Crocker Pizza Maker - 002


Betty Crocker Pizza Maker - 003

I should have used the flash on my camera.. but this was so easy… cut a piece of parchment paper and line the pizza maker.. it said to preheat the cooker first, which I didn’t and it worked fine.. I waited for the up to temperature light to turn green after filling with one half of the batter, then started timing the cooking ~ 15- 20 minutes.. and the really cool (pun) thing is I didn’t have to heat up the kitchen with my oven… On days when it’s nearing 98 F…

Isn’t that always the way? You get a craving for something baked when it’s hotter than the southern regions…

Betty Crocker Pizza Maker - 005

(I remembered to use the flash)

I just grabbed the parchment paper and placed on a cooling rack, added some icing.. Come on ! This old woman needed comfort and icing on the brownie was the solution….. Cut the Pizza shaped brownie with a pizza cutter.. How neat eh?

Betty Crocker Pizza Maker - 006

To add fun to this dish ~ drizzle the frosting on the plate, since I didn’t have any of my strawberries left.. oh my that would have looked so pretty… But, it was fun for my index finger getting that drizzle off the plate 🙂

So, in conclusion I would have to say one word about my Betty Crocker Pizza Maker Brownie



line break image - 014


Until next time