Your Wish is my Command

Feburary 1 2015

We shape clay into a pot,

but it is the emptiness inside

that holds whatever we want.

By: Tao Te Ching

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What do you wish for?

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Until next time

~ Laura ~

Recognition ~ Haiku

Haiku - Oct 25 2014 - 002 copy

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Somber tears absorb

The grains are strong, yet porous

Saturating me

Haiku by: Laura Scott

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Until next time

My pup and I beg you all to have a peaceful day and evening


What is Beauty?

Moms beloved Birch Tree

As I age these days there are times when I re-visit a certain question, “What is beauty…?”

I use to slather on dye to my hair when it began to turn salt and pepper, more on the salt side. Until, one day after brushing my hair that began to break and fall out from the chemicals in the dye. I noticed the dye treatments would barely last 6 weeks like they use to and I’d have to go through the stinky ordeal once again to feel beautiful…(in my eyes)

I thought about just how I was applying a rating on myself compared to others I’d see around my little city, never really feeling I measured up to what I would see as a standard of beauty. The above picture was of my beloved Birch tree, taken by my beautiful daughter one day as we sat underneath looking up, while lounging in my anti-gravity chair.

I’ve taken many pictures over the years of this tree, even when it was dying slowly and the woodpeckers made this their dining out spot, because rotting wood draws bugs and bugs draw woodpeckers and other critters. What a beautiful life this tree had growing up tall and strong, even though it’s a soft wood tree and its logs would break down fairly quickly when chopped down. Can there still be beauty in a tree that is no longer standing? I questioned…

July 6th 2016 - Birch Tree Logs

You can clearly see the damage the woodpeckers have done to the tree and the trails the bugs have made in the wood too….The stump that remains of this tree is now a resting spot for me near my permaculture bed.

Moms Birch Tree Stump Chair

If, I documented the damage to my own body, it would speak of broken bones, removal of tonsils, eye muscle surgery, bad knees joints, etc…So, this last remaining part of my tree I’m sure still has roots deep beneath the soil, offers me rest for my knees and back in the heat of the day.

A beautiful moment that one special day last year when my daughter and I shared together our thoughts on my having to hire a gentleman to come and remove this tree. That was true beauty…simple and honest…

I welcome each new hair that pops out of my head looking like I’ve been baking with flour all day and look a mess. I smile at the cashier who thinks I’m old enough for a seniors discount only to reply,  “I’m not that old yet, but look forward to saving the cash when I am…..”

old woman for Laura cookbook

I no longer feel the need to cover my face in concealer, then apply the rest of the make-up (except for the brows, that’s still a must for me..)It’s a good thing too as I found in my mid-forties HOT FLASHES would only melt off said make-up in a matter of seconds after wiping face with a tissue. That stuff was clogging the pores on my face that so desperately needed air… MORE AIR!  ~ I affectionately called this change in life, “My Tropical Heat-Waves.”  


There was even beauty in the hot flashes, because it signaled my body was done having monthly (sorry men it has to be said.) done having babies, done with silly thoughts about beauty… I actually found the beauty inside of me that was always there just waiting for the right time to expose its self.

I was beautifully, free! No more concealing myself to the world…Freedom is beauty…


My beautiful tree still is giving to me as the foundation for my permaculture beds, offering life to the plants I chose to place on top of the soil, while underneath the rotting wood of the birch tree is feeding and offering drainage to living things…That is pure and simply beauty….

So, after the change of life was over at first I felt part of me was dead, due to not being able to still have children, until I realized I had just the perfect number of babies already and the remaining eggs traveling down the chute were just icing on a cake that was already done…..

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On The Bench - 24

Back in the day when I didn’t fully

understand the meaning of true beauty

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Until next time

~  Laura  ~

Nature is always working in one shape or another

Birch Tree with mushroom growing - cropped 003 - RESIZED

This tall Birch tree had been dying for a number of years, until it arrived at its destination when it was time to say goodbye.  Sadly I contacted a gentleman to come and cut this beautiful tree down in sections…it’s odd to think the main reasons for my buying my fix-er upper of a home over 16 years ago was in part to this majestic birch tree and my attached car garage.

Winters as you know in Northern Ontario, Canada can be a test for anyone who lives in this beautiful country. I had children to cart off to school early in the mornings and didn’t want to spend what little coffee time I had, before heading out ~ scraping off the ice and snow from the windshield and vehicle. So, this magical birch tree and I became friends so to speak..

The summers were a delight to be in my garden trying to figure out the landscape that I wanted for the future, what I did know was there was going to be perennials in my garden that I could divide each year to save money.. I bought One Hostas plant in the year of 2000 and now have over 20 Hostas plants growing in my backyard.

I watched the woodpecker fly in and perch on the limbs of the birch tree, which began to worry me over my morning coffee one heavenly spring day, because this meant there were bugs in my tree which had begun its journey toward the end of its life.

Every early spring morning over my cup of coffee the woodpecker would return and bang away at my tree. Strange as it was my heart sank a little bit, but in my heart I knew that one day this beloved birch tree was going to give back to me in ways that I never even dreamed of…

Red beak Woodpecker - 005

Moms beloved Birch Tree

Damage to Birch tree - 001

After taking a few pictures of where the woodpecker was banging away at my tree, I could finally see the amount of damage this bird was doing to the main portion of my tree. My brain was telling me the tree was offering up food for the wildlife in the yard, giving up its bark to make room for this new woodpecker hotel… All around the tree were holes, small in the beginning and growing larger as the next year approached. So, the bark was dying and the insects moved right on in to do what comes naturally to them, clear away whats no longer living ~ making room for something new.

I suppose I think too much about nature and my surroundings, but this is who I am and its kept me sane in an insane world at times. I do my best to help nature, but there comes a time you just have to let go…

Remember I said earlier the tree would indeed give back to me in ways I never thought about… Well, Permaculture beds came into my gardening dreams after researching this on the inter-webs… Birch trees were one of the best ways to begin my permaculture beds from what I read. They break down sort of quickly, unlike hard woods that would take forever to get the permaculture beds going…

It’s really simple if you think about the crowded forest, where limbs fall, leaves fall, all landing on the ground ~ sort of rinse and repeat action going on…This composts down causing the soil to become very rich and gives life to all that’s near. It holds moisture when there’s little rain and it drains well due to all of the tiny branches and twigs in the heap…

So, I directed the gentleman who cut down my tree in sections to just leave the logs where they landed.. He did look at this almost 60 year old woman, oddly before he offered to stack the logs for me where ever I wished them to be placed…

As stubborn as I am growing in age (and waist) I thought no…. I’d do it myself… Why you wonder…?

Well, first I needed to ponder over where I wanted the permaculture bed to go once the tree was down and secondly I wanted (odd as this is going to sound) give back to my beloved tree by handling the logs, limbs, twigs myself ~ One at a time, resting in between…. I was almost as close to nature and one with this tree as any human can ever be… It also gave me exercise in return which never hurts anyone at my age….

This tree once strong, standing so tall gave me so much pleasure for 15 years, offering to me natures wisdom that I too no matter what happen to me in life ~ I too can be tall (even at 5’2 ) and strong to weather what ever is thrown my way. My heart is forever open, my mind never cluttered with needless things, I keep a fresh new outlook to each and every day as I garden in my 5 permaculture beds that have been working beautifully ~ I still have my lovely birch tree giving me grace and happiness… Find what makes you happy and it will always be by your side, in the good times and the not so good…..


Until next time

~  Laura  ~

Sometimes lessons must be seen over time

Lucille Ball Shocked face

Cheltenham Badlands 45 mins outside of Toronto

This area is located just a mere 45 minutes outside of Toronto, Ontario Canada and is called

Cheltenham Badlands

I was checking to see what our weather was going to be like for today on the Weather Channel, and I ran across this article about this strange looking place. Back in the 1930’s the article said this area was environmentally unfriendly farmed causing the soil to erode.

When you only take away and never put back (seedlings) this can happen…I’ve seen this happen in humans too… This picture is amazing to look at and sad all at the same time. Be careful how much you take from something or someone without returning the favor. We all need those simple words, “How can I help?” or ” Here let me help you.”

I’m blessed with people around me always offering to help, even if I say naw I’ve got it….Yes, my southern broken language showing…But, I know if I really needed help they would be there for me at any given time….

Cheltenham Badlands 45 mins outside of Toronto - 002

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Until next time

~  Laura  ~

Snow on the Second Day of Summer!

June 21st 2016 - 005

Do my eyes deceive me?

Is that snow that I see?

If I merely take a quick look at the above picture, I might think it’s snowing in the summertime here in Northern Ontario, Canada….

But, upon closer inspection and the time taken I see that it’s just the fallen honeysuckle petals on the ground. I love taking pictures of my plants and gardens. I bring them on to the computer and use the magnifier tool and take a closer look just to see what I may find that’s hidden to my eyes at the time the picture was taken.

It’s  an amazing world down there underneath the leaves or branches. Tiny bugs you’ve missed while taking a photograph. I wish that my knees were better, because I’d be right down on the ground taking pictures of this amazing world only seen through the magnifying tool on my computer…

June 21st 2016 - 001

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June 20th 2016 - 007

At first glance I see the iris plants thriving their transplanting last year, and my hostas adore their new home as well.. the small plant at the bottom right (I forgot the name) has many tiny red flowers when in bloom….

But, since they are so tiny you must take the time to enjoy or else their beauty might just be lost…

June 21st 2016 - 003

June 21st 2016 - 004

“All good things in time…”

Have you ever wondered about that saying?

I think it means good things come to us all in time, but we are the ones who must take the time to experience and enjoy.. Take care out there where ever you may be and my wish for you is all good things may come to you in time…

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Until next time

~  Laura  ~

One Potato, Two Potato,Three Potato, Four!

June 20th 2016 - Potato Plant - 003 - resized 90

It’s interesting just how simple growing potatoes can be….I found one of my store bought potatoes sprouting inside of the brown paper bag they came in. Well, in the middle of winter what does this gal wanna be doing?   GARDENING

So, I removed the spud from the paper bag and placed it over where my Jalapeno plants were growing. I’d just placed the sprouting spud on the drip tray that was underneath my planter with the grow lights.. Guess what happened next?

Well, I forgot all about the sprouting spud because my son’s ivy plant took off on a growing spree, not unlike the blue light special at K-Mart, you know those flashing blue lights where everyone makes a mad dash just to see what’s on sale on any given day…

This spring I thought it was time to clean the tray underneath my planter and guess what? I found the wee sprouting spud, but it had morphed into this living thing with a tall sprout reaching at least 12 inches tall… the spud itself had wrinkled a little bit, but the sprout was glorious just the same.. I planted it outside this spring and in the picture is the potato thriving in all of its glory..

I say glory, because we here in this family just love our potatoes.. It’s such a versatile vegetable and will last stored away in a cool dark place.. Oh, Oh…I have a funny story about a cool dark place..

When I was working with the Canadian Red Cross as a personal support worker, I had a client who wanted me to clean up her basement closet, and perhaps find a lost special pair of red shoes for her…I found a brown paper grocery store bag in the closet underneath some dresses hanging on the rod (I couldn’t see the top of the bag yet…)

I cleaned up the closet and pulled out the brown paper bag, shocked and a tad scared to find it full of potatoes that had sprouted and were growing leaves! The vines had to be two feet tall which had tangled their way among her clothing in the closet… I am ashamed to admit I did let out a big yelp, and said one of my silly southern sayings, “Oh My Gravy…”

I wish I’d asked to take home that huge bag of sprouting spuds that day, but I followed her instructions and threw them in the garbage.. I bet perhaps, you’re wondering if I found those special pair of red shoes that day…

I certainly did indeed find those shoes this lovely woman had been searching for over a year without any luck… As it turns out those were the shoes she always wore on her anniversary every year.. She’d wear them only on their special day and then return them back into a cloth shoe bag and back into a shoe box..

The lives others live in a lifetime can be so special and dear.. So, if someone who’s elderly ask for a favor to find something ~ go on and take a few minutes to make someones day just that much better.. I’m glad I did… go above and beyond for this grand owner of the special red shoes….


(These were the closest I could find to her shoes via the internet)

courtesy of

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Until next time

~  Laura  ~

Oh my Goodness I may faint

Most likes in one day

Alright, I know the numbers are not all that amazing to most if not all of you out there in the blogging world, but…..

And yes there is always a but as far as I’m concerned (I know insert giggle or smile)

I’ve been away for some time (Well…all winter) and I’ve suffered a loss in my family too. My older sister passed away over a month ago, so I’ve dealt with this tragic loss the best way that I can….

She loved reading my older blog and this new blog I’ve started. She would tell me it made her day ~ filled with giggles and smiles….We all need these simple things in life on a daily basis or perhaps on really bad days we might need it by the minute…

I didn’t know how I could ever return to Bluebird4Udaily offering giggles and smiles or trying my best to do so….But, after a time spent in my garden feeling thankful for the times I had talking with my sister I found courage to continue to blog here on WordPress.

So, you see the most likes in one day (12) made me smile at a time when I just needed a pure and simple emotion of joy.

I wasn’t going to share the loss of my beautiful sister in my blog, because that is not what my blog was suppose to be in the beginning, but as we grow I thought it best to expose my pain and my journey out of it to continue the circle of life as I know it. She would want me to keep posting and trying to make someones day just a little happier, or chuckle just a little louder than you’ve done before….

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Until we meet again, Sis…..

(I’m like Carol Burnett, when she pulled her earlobe at the end of every show )

You must be as old as I to know that reference ~ or Google it