There comes a time in all of our lives when the path that we follow shows wear and tear on the surface and in its foundation. We feel younger than our natural age most days and then with approaching age our path takes us down the road less traveled.

My mother has suffered with Alzheimer Disease for a couple of decades now and my late father died from complications of Diabetes. My mothers life was full of agony and stress over the many years, and my father was a troubled soul, drank himself into the hereafter in his mid forties.

So, my mind has been on watchful duty pertaining to both of these diseases for some time now. Not, stressing about them because I’ve learned over these past 18 years when my 6 ulcers were confirmed by my surgeon that stressing over daily life was just calling on a knife to poke away at my stomach. Due to the ulcers causing me unbelievable pain.

I’ve lived with the pain on a daily basis, learning how to cope and also learning which battles to fight and which to just let go. Most days are not too bad, but the pain remains. I look at this pain as a sign that I am still alive and feel grateful I can still feel pain. Weird, yes I know .. But, I’ve always been a strange person who looks at life differently from others.

I began this blog many years ago, hoping to use it as a tool to keep my mind sharp and share a laugh or two in the process. Then I began YouTube when the numbers in this blog were sub-par for me. But, I never wanted to leave the blog totally, I just wanted to find my way, and my voice. I suppose when you begin nearing those so called, “Golden Years”Β  if we are lucky to see them we want our voices to be heard from far and wide, or at least I did.

YouTube in the beginning was a place so big and busy I felt I’d never find my way around or be heard by a single soul for that matter. But, never being one to quit easily I kept making videos and plugging along at a steady pace. After all this daily or weekly task of making videos kept my mind busy creating something I hoped would be of interest to someone.

Luckily, it was of interest to folks all over the globe. However, I do have under 500 subscribers on YouTube, but that is just fine with me. I have regulars (50) that visit each and every video of mine and comment in the section below the videos. For this I feel eternally grateful to these men and woman who leave their own thoughts behind for me to read.

I had been pretty healthy for the past 17 years after a long battle with thyroid disease and the fall out from having this disease not diagnosed for 4 years. Like any disease un-diagnosed there are problems that arise. This past winter I caught the flu twice, and was sick for the entire month on November and also March. There was a moment in March when I could not get any air into my lungs, except for brief puffs of air. Upon, calling the doctor not being able to utter my own name they said just come in and we shall sort it out then.

There are always a chain of events that must happen and if we can see them clearly we will know that an important outcome was about to take place. As for myself it was catching the flu the second time. My blood oxygen levels were so low it was setting off alarms in the doctors office. I waited for the other shoe to fall , so to speak .. I knew something alarming was about to take place as far as my health goes.

I did however, get better from the flu and follow up tests were set in motion. My insulin levels was close to 7 and my blood pressure was high. It was time to re-adjust my lifestyle and do the work needing to be done. I’m not taking any of these health problems sitting down ..


6 thoughts on “Alzheimer & Diabetes Disease

  1. Nice to see you back on your blog, and I enjoyed the video too. You have done very well, learning how to do those animations. Julie has Diabetes, Type 2, and has other complications from that, to do with her liver. Sorry to hear you had a bad time after Christmas, Laura. I will be thinking of you as always, and hoping for the best outcome.
    Best wishes, Pete. x

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    1. Thank you, Pete for sharing your story with me. So sorry to hear of Julies complications with Diabetes. This disease has many roots that can affect a human body. Same as Thyroid disease. Trailing conditions that arise. One day at a time, I say to myself and make the best of each. Have a great week ahead .. Take care, Laura

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  2. Hello again Laura πŸ™‚ I was sorry you stopped blogging because I enjoyed your garden blogs and the pictures of your dog. However, I can understand your reasons for making the change. I’m not really much of a YouTuber, but I’m glad that you have found a niche there for yourself.

    Meanwhile, I hope that you find a kind of exercise that you can enjoy. There is (or was) a series on BBC TV called ‘Trust me, I’m a doctor’ where they look at health related issues and they found that various kinds of housework can help a lot… which at least helps one to feel that one is achieving something at the same time. Here: Personally, I find it much easier doing little bits of exercise at a time. A few wall press-ups, for example, whilst on my way to do something else. Or lifting juice cartons when I’m in the kitchen. (More ideas here: ) Whilst short bursts are all my medical condition will let me do, anyway, I also find it easier psychologically. I simply don’t have the motivation to spend hours on a treadmill.


    1. Hello there Ros… I think this gardening season I’ll be blogging about the plants in my garden and of course where I go my pup goes too.

      I spent 4 hours the other day lock out of my house in the rain, light drizzle but rain just the same. I have a broken latch on my patio door, which has a second door to the outside for thermal reasons. Well, usually I place a towel over the handle of the inner door where the latch is , but I was only going outside for a few minutes since it was 0 C out there. Luck would have it my daughter had moved back in with me for a few months while she waits on their newly bought home to move into. I knew upon her return home she’d be able to let me back inside.

      I have a fenced back yard without a gate so no way to get to the front of the condo, which the front door was locked anyway. So, I found a piece of plastic and covered my aching knees from the chill and rain and just waited. Panic went through me when I first noticed that I’d locked myself out knowing the folks to the left and right of me would be at work until 6. I think it was around 2 in the afternoon when I went out in my slippers. Funny thing is if I’d put on proper shoes I could have raked the back yard for most of that time, while I waited. It’s no fun getting old, because 10 years ago I know I’d never make that blunder of locking myself out.. Thank you for your kindness sending me the links , which I shall check out after my little novel writing to you here in a return message. So, stay tuned for my weekly at most return to the blog world as soon as I can get the garden going again, which wont’ be till the end of May or middle of June. I will however continue to blog my personal health journal via animation… Take care and hugs from me to you .. Laura

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