It was time to get outside and shovel after putting away my Christmas tree. Also, some critter had been nibbling away at my snow carrot tops causing me to have to harvest today.. Sit a spell and see what I was up to today… wink….

Thank you for watching… Hugs


7 thoughts on “Harvesting Canadian Snow Carrots

    1. Pete, I asked my son if he wanted to move to the UK where winters are mild and you can still garden there. He laughed and said his bags were packed.. LOL… Happy to hear you enjoyed the video with chuckles.. That was my intent… Take care, Laura

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      1. We have the NHS, which is ‘free’ for everyone. We pay a small percentage into it through National Insurance payments deducted from our salary. But if you don’t or can’t work, it is still free. The only things we have to pay an extra contribution for are spectacles and dental treatment.


      2. We have to supplement for dental , and eye wear as well. But, the cost for the health care, comes out of wage, taxes, Lotteries, Liquor , etc, the list goes on and on. I think the last time I looked the exchange rate would be great for the Canadian dollar as well. When I moved temporarily (6 months) back to the United States, the exchange rate at that time ate up the funds like candy.. I had to move back fast.. Live and learn I suppose…

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