There are days when you have so much to get done around the house or yard, but this Monday happened upon me and I was itching to get outside and take a little drive around town. Come on over and sit a spell with me, why don’t you…. wink


The next day


4 thoughts on “Talking about my day ….November 22

  1. Good to see your pup excited, when you come back from the shops.
    I commented abut Spam before, but your fried slices with egg look so tasty!
    That snow and ice makes me feel guilty for complaining about the cold here…
    Best wishes, Pete. x

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    1. I suppose Pete we all must complain about the weather that is falling on our own doorsteps, right now it’s raining here and -1 C. They are calling for snow tomorrow sometime after the rain has had enough of us here. Take care, stay warm and dry over across the pond.. Laura

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  2. A lonely shoe. A lonely glove. Somewhere, there is a one-legged, one-armed man who could use these as a stocking stuffer! The hammer was hilarious! Also, you cut those Spam slices at lightning speed, but I noticed the egg fell ever so gently into the pan. I know that this has absolutely nothing to do with video speed settings, so I’m going to research real time differentials online…

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