September 22nd brought around Fall again for another season of cool temperatures, leading into the magical display of the beautiful Fall Colors here in Northern Ontario, Canada.

Although, with this change in the weather it also signals to the bears that old man Winter is soon approaching and they better get busy storing up for a long winters nap deep in their dens.

My fearful day of a mother bear with her almost grown cubs begins in this video and lasted for two days.  But, first let me set the scene for you.


September 25th I went outside with my pup and sat on my deck, which is 7 feet above the ground. I usually walk down into the garden every morning with her, but we were in a two week heat spell of over 37 C, so I opted to sit on a little wooded bench as my pup went down into the backyard. If, I’d done what I always do by going down into the backyard with her ~ This day might not have turned out well for me and my pup. Mother bears will protect their young with a vengeance… 57 sightings in the city so far this year, alone.

She began barking, ferociously and I quickly stood up to see what was the matter, and I could hear claw sounds on the tree just on the other side of my 4 ft. wooden fence. My thoughts were they sound too large to be a squirrel or raccoon.

I stood at the railing of the deck, 7 feet above the ground giving me a good vantage point. My brain in those few seconds couldn’t register  what I was seeing. My pup barking loudly at a huge mother bear who was crawling down the tree.

I noticed two cubs that were almost grown high in the branches of the same tree. My first instinct was to run down into the yard and pick up my dog. Well, almost 60 years old I don’t run as fast as I use to, and then common sense kicked in big time. I needed to get the bear away and for my pup to come to me. If, I’d been in the backyard, the bear would have seen this as aggression on my part and danger to her cubs.

The mother bear by this time had enough of my dog barking at her and she stood, resting her big old paws on the top of my back fence, two feet away from my pup on the other side. My pup was standing on her hind legs with her paws on the fence.

I began screaming for her to come to me, and for the bear to leave. The mother bear began growling at my pup and for a few seconds I knew this creature could easily reach and grab her up. That would be a nightmare and the end of my pet.

So, I calmed down and knew to deepen my voice to a baritone sound waving my arms high in the air. I began screaming from deep within my inner core. The mother bear got back to all fours and started to walk away, but my pup froze from this odd sound coming from me. She’d never been yelled at until that day. I calmed down again and called her to come. She did… Here is part one and two of this day.

And, here is part two…



7 thoughts on “Mother Bear and her two Cubs

  1. I can imagine that this must have been scary for you, but how amazing to see those bears so close to your house! We have nothing like that here, and that is really living close to wildlife.
    Thanks for posting, Laura, and great to see you back! It really is. :>
    Best wishes, Pete. x

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    1. Things have calmed down for the most part, but I’ve only been down in the back yard once, since that day. I was brave and harvested a few of the remaining squash and broad beans still growing. I’ll be glad to see the deep of winter, I’ll know the bears are sleeping then….


  2. Wow! Hugely scary to have them so close to the house! My daughter spent a couple of weeks in Canada when she was doing her Master’s. She was right up in the wilds of the Arctic, living in a tent, so they had to do gun practice before going.

    Since you last heard from me, I have moved to Romania, so we now have bears not so far away, but we haven’t seen any yet. They are certainly not to be treated lightly, but beautiful animals nonetheless. Yours look hot. I wonder if they have been displaced by the wildfires you’ve had over there?

    Here, I’ve heard that if they get too close to the towns, they tranquilise them and take them back into the mountains. Do they do something like that in Canada?

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    1. Ros, living in Romania, how exciting. I’ve been away from the blog here so I have lots to catch up on. No fires here, we were having two weeks of over 37 C. weather and no rain at all in that time. Those poor cubs were overheated and thirsty for sure. They tranq the mother bear the first day and she was over 400 lbs, probably closer to 500 lbs. I am not sure why they didn’t tranq the cubs. but this ordeal went on for two days.

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  3. We don’t have any bears in the mountains around Las Vegas, but we have mountain lions. I’ve never seen one in all my hikes and rock scrambles, but they are afoot. You did a good job holding the camera steady and following the movements.

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