Well folks it was snowing again today…The tiny flakes of snow gently fell all afternoon, but fortunately it was warm enough for the snow to melt as soon as it touched the ground. Waiting these last few weeks before I can plant out in my permaculture beds is torture for me.

The beds are all prepped and waiting for me to sow a few seeds. The next two days we still have the chill to the days and evenings. But, after Tuesday the temps will be getting back to the higher single digits.. That might not sound good to you where it may be warmer, but for us here anything higher than minus numbers is springtime.. Just have to be weary about the frost at night.

My radishes and peas are all happy little plants inside of my covered garden trug, and the birds are out in force today after the heavy rain we had yesterday. Below, is a little treat for you .. Thank you for watching my YouTube video.. hugs




5 thoughts on “Doves ~ A Love Story

    1. Pete, I was sitting outside in 2 c and watched the snow lightly falling, almost looking like specks instead of snow flakes.. Which is a good sign for today.. Tomorrow is our warm up of +4 and even a tad warmer on Wen.. Hooray.. Take care, Laura

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  1. Eurasian collared doves, mourning doves, and pigeons (“rock doves”) hang out in our back yard every day. Since we feed and water them, they’re a happy lot. We enjoy watching their interactions. It’s like watching a soap opera. We also enjoy watching them bathe. I’m thinking of putting a bar of Dove soap out there in the water bowl…

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