My little homemade garden trug was finally able to be un covered from the two layers of plastic that has been protecting my little radish seedlings. The peas were dancing around inside of there and if vegetables could sing they would have been loud and joyous.

Today I made a trip to my local gardening center to purchase 10 bags of soil to top off my permaculture beds that had a topping of cow and sheep manure mixed with the soil, along with the Fall leaves to over winter. Oh I have great plans for this years garden and I just know it will be marvelous.

There is just something magical about being able to get outside and play around in the dirt again, and in a few months harvest the goodness that grows in a garden. That first bite of a happy orange carrot, freshly plucked from the garden and then steamed for dinner is heavenly.

I’ve been growing lettuce inside over the winter and have been eating salads from it as well as using my oregano after I dried it in sauces and stews. When I take the fresh dried oregano and rub it between my fingers just before dropping the herb into a pot of soup or stew and I can smell the goodness of the herbs as the pot simmers on the stove… There is just something special about it.

All my troubles of the day are magically wiped away and I’m smiling inside and out.Β  But our winter is not fully over yet, they are calling for snow on Sunday ( 5 cm) Oh well, come on May 24th ~ Our last frost date…

Thank you for watching my YouTube video



13 thoughts on “The sun finally made an appearance

  1. “There is just something magical about being able to get outside and play around in the dirt.” I’m imagining that line being uttered by Dirt Landcaster. By the way, he was in a film called “The Professionals,” much of which was filmed just an hour away from Las Vegas in Valley of Fire State Park. But with respect to your singing vegetables, keep them away from the gypsy moths…

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  2. Booh snow 😫 So you gotta give your dancing peas & friends their blanket back, huh? 😊
    We’re finally getting a little reprieve from all the rain…so I have to tend to the unwanted weeds tomorrow πŸ˜• Not my favorite thing, but gotta make room for pretties! 😊 I do hope that you’ll share pictures of your garden with us 🌼🌸🌷 ~Tina πŸ’•

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    1. Kristabella , indeed I’ll be showing many pictures of the gardens over the coming months. It’s lightly snowing again at the moment, which puts a damper on anything I can do outside. But, very soon we’ll be out again sipping lemonade fanning ourselves from the massive sunshine’s warmth… Thank you for your visit and lovely comments. Take care, Laura

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  3. Nice to hear you getting back to your old self, inspired by nature, and the appearance of the sun.
    I enjoyed the video too.
    Sun out here today also, but it is struggling!
    Best wishes, Pete. x

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    1. Pete, with the days getting longer it is a miracle drug for me. Yet, today when I look out my window right now, it’s lightly snowing. Not enough for the white stuff to stick at the moment and I hope it doesn’t, but we are still a few weeks away from our last frost date of May 24th.. all in good time my gram use to say, and boy oh boy was she right on many occasions..

      My aging computer tower gave it up a few days ago.. I tried to bring out my even older laptop to fill in the gap, but sadly when technology gets old it can no longer keep up with the New Technology of the present day. So, the laptop will still be used for watching Netflix in the evenings and I now have a brand new tower…

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      1. If it is any consolation, it is cold and rainy here too, with a forecast for -1 tonight! Glad to hear that you were able to get a new PC. It’s awful when they die on you.
        Always thinking of you, Laura. x

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      2. Pete, Thank you for always having just the right words to say.. Just knowing that all the way across the pond someone is wondering how this old gal is doing, just warms my spirit… I also thank you for visiting my blog here and always giving me support. Just knowing you’re there reading my little blogs about this and that have brought me back into focus to continue blogging and having something to say. One day at a time as they say, works wonders.. Thank you my dear friend and fellow blogger… Take care, Laura

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