Spring….is such a delightful word that can contain many different meanings. The time of year is my favorite definition for the word, Spring. Especially coming out of a long and cold winter full of shoveling daily to keep up with all of the white stuff.

But, spring also can mean a spring in your step. For me meaning I’m almost skipping outside to visit my yet to be planted garden for this season. Even, my pup appears to have a spring in each of her tired, old four paws. You see she is aging and it is beginning to show in her movements ~ Almost, mirroring my own hobbles around on those certain rainy cold days of spring.

How about that trusty mattress that you bought years ago, and loved every night breaking it in just to your liking. But, as with breaking in a nice new pair of shoes or pair of jeans, just about the time they are broken in to your will, they will begin to fray or become airy as is my old tennis shoes .. Who have by the way never seen a tennis court, since I’ve bought them just for the comfort…Remember that mattress well springs tend to creak and crackle with age same as my pup and I …

This early spring has been unlike most of the 34 other springs I’ve experienced since immigrating up to Canada from Florida. It’s been really early.. by a month or more!

Mother Nature also must have a spring in her step as well with all the the flooding happening in the United States and in Canada. The rains came and someone forgot to turn off the taps. I wonder what type of water bill good old mother nature will owe?

Please enjoy the short video of Mother Nature showing us here who is boss…

Excuse the shaky parts in the beginning of the video, the winds were thrashing so fierce they were throwing stuff at my face.. oops…But, the rest is pretty smooth…



6 thoughts on “This past weekend could have turned out differently……

  1. Those clouds look like an alien invasion, Laura!
    We also had an early Spring, but then Winter came back, as if it had forgotten to leave!
    Cold, snow, frost, and hail, all during that last week of April. Now May has arrived, with slightly warmer weather, but still dark skies, and the threat of rain. I hope that you and your pup have some warm weather to warm those bones soon. (As do I, for my bones….)
    Best wishes as always, Pete. x

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      1. Pete, it was just beautiful outside today May 3rd.. The sun was shining and my garden trug with the radishes were finally able to be un-covered and let the sunshine touch them with goodness. Take care, Laura

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  2. While Spring is strolling through your neck of the woods, Summer is blasting its way into the Mojave Desert. We have a cloudless sky today, but, of course, clouds do visit the valley (as tourists). It’s rare to see clouds like the one in your video. They remind me of my Missouri days. Whenever they took on a greenish hue, I’d plant myself in the front yard and wag my finger at Mother Nature, warning her that, “I’d rather weather a blizzard than be off to see the Wizard!” I must have hurt her feelings, because she inevitably replied, after pouting a bit, with a sad smile. Nice colors, though!

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    1. David, indeed true I felt like Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz. Mother nature is an odd sort, She is cooking you guys out west and still freezing us up here. Have a great rest of the week .. Take care, Laura

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