I’ve been so busy over the winter time here sowing seeds of all types. I wanted to get ahead of the short growing season we have here in the north. I thought I’d try my gardening hands with some different plants this coming season. Now that Spring has finally arrived here and melted all of the snow away I have daily chores of taking out the seedlings for their first breath of fresh outdoor air and the glorious sights of a real sun ~ instead of just grow lights. These little plants need a weeks worth of hardening off, 30 minutes each day not in direct sunlight so they will be able to handle being outside fully.

Today it has been raining, and they are calling for more of the same tomorrow off and on. This morning I awoke to fog which always signals warmer temps after a chilly overnight. So, with the pending rain I thought I’d drive to the lake here and see if the sun would come out for a picture or two.

As I sat in the car (bad knee day) I thought about what I was going to blog about or what video I was going to make for my YouTube channel ~ BirchtreeGuardianGardener

You tube channel sticker for Laura copy

I of course had to make little cards over the winter time so I could mail some to my gardening friends all over the world. You see we gardeners and other You Tubers love to exchange items of interest. I’ve found this to be quite enjoyable during a time of struggle this past winter. I’ve experienced some family losses that have taken their toll on me for a year now, but I’m strong and will survive one way or the other.

I tend to find things to keep me very busy, instead of sinking into that hole that so many other people know all about. The sowing of seeds this past winter has saved me in more ways than one. They needed my daily attention and care. I could not refuse to get out of bed each day, since these newly sprouted plants needed me to bring the sunshine to them and water them or just tickle them to stimulate the outside wind so their tender stems would grow strong and healthy.

Well, in doing so these tiny little plants over the wintertime have tended also to me. By, giving me a purpose and a goal.

One was to get the heck outta bed! Keep my mind and my thoughts on bringing these plants up so in the spring they could finally feel the warmth of the sunshine, the breeze of the winds and the love mother nature has to offer them.

The past few days I’ve been feeling low and couldn’t for the life of me figure out why….

The weather is brighter and the warmth is returning along with the longer daylight hours. How I love spending time outside working in my garden or just sitting out there watching my little pup enjoy running around or searching out critters. So, why the long face I asked myself.

I drove to the lake here in search of answers .. This is a place where there are no phones to ring, or door bells to blaze… No, distractions except for the calming feelings I get sitting by the lake. Spring has just begun and yet I’ve felt like someone poked a hole in my balloon, and I was sailing out of control without a True North in sight.

Two hours later I didn’t have my answer, so I fired up the old car and drove to another place that I love .. The video below shows you this special place, where many decades ago my late husband and I sat on the bench that you will see in the video.

This bench is the place where I told him what my doctor has said to me (back in 1993) I would one day become blind.. There were five eye operations that I could have, but after that nothing could be done. It was as black and white as that. Well, many things changed that day by the waters edge, but one thing that didn’t change was my conviction to never say never and no matter what the situation I would remain strong, blind or not!

I found my answer today while sitting on that bench, remembering the past and the memories I retained. I still have my eyesight after just One Operation so far on the left eye. I have 4 more operations to go, if they are needed. The doctor back in 1994 told me the first operation would only last for one year and I’d need another one. I told him, “We’ll see about that…” You see I’m not your normal patient and you’ll see for yourself.

I was the first person to have this special eye operation in Ontario all those years ago, and they brought in 5 other surgeons to watch the procedure as well. This has been written up in the Canadian Medical Journal as well. But, as far as I’m concerned they will not get another chance to do another surgery on my eyes. Sheer will of conviction I say has carried me through… I have faith it shall continue…

So enjoy this short video, witness the bench

where I regained my strength back in 1993

and again in 2017




6 thoughts on “Caught between Spring and Summer

  1. Watch out for chipmunks. They sometimes slip into sleeping bags, especially when there are peanuts in them!
    The location in your video is quite inviting. A lovely spot.
    I thought your discussion of growing plants was rather poetic. Very well written.
    I admire your determination with respect to your eyesight. I hope you defy the naysayers!
    I”m glad spring is arriving in your neck of the Canadian woods. It’s been really nice and warm here in Las Vegas, but…we all know the mercury will want to shoot for the moon in the next few months…

    Liked by 2 people

    1. David, I want to truly thank you for your kindness of the writing in this post. It was just suppose to be the video, but I began rambling and could not stop. Perhaps, my pondering between the lines might also help someone in need of light and hope. I want you to know that your words meant quite a lot to me this morning coming from a published author. Bless you and try to stay cool out west. We are suppose to get into the high 80’s today then back down to the normal temps of single digits and minus temps at night. But, as the weather warms up slightly this gives the plants time to adjust.. As we all must do at times. hugs from me to you and your family.. Laura

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  2. I could imagine you sitting on the bench, allowing past memories to bring you strength for the future. It is a peaceful spot indeed, and just right for the reflection that you sought.
    (Though I was worried that the chipmunk would eat that plastic, and become ill….)
    Good luck with the plants. Nature’s new beginnings can give us personal inspiration too.
    Best wishes as always, Pete. x

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Pete, I too worried quite a lot yesterday sitting on the bench for this beautiful creature. I sat there talking with it in hopes it would become scared and run off so I could get that plastic and put it where it belongs in a trash bin. But, to no avail, every time I got up to walk over there the creature would take off only to return a few meters away. I don’t think anyone could have caught this animal without a trap and bait. Bad knee day made my movements dreary in pace.. I too hope this creature smartened up after I left .. Take care, Laura

      Liked by 1 person

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