It always amazes me the vast number of birds that remain here in the Northern parts of Ontario, Canada. The Blue Jay for one…

I was so excited to see them in my trees that I hurried inside to the pen tablet and started drawing this delightful bird. Although different from what I witnessed in the trees I wanted to try my hand at creating the beauty of these birds. I used a drawing tool called the Pen Tablet and a program called Sketchbook Pro.

This was back on April 5th 2017. Then on April 18th I heard such a racket happening outside I had to jump away from the computer and see what was causing the noise. Once, outside I noticed one of the trees just full of birds all singing or calling out at once. It was a rather high pierced sound along with the road noise from the highway combined, so I added a bit of music instead to the 50 or more Waxwing birds who came for a short visit.

Nature is a glorious thing to witness and these birds lifted my spirits almost as if I were flying there with them as they took off to show their beauty to someone else in the neighborhood, hopefully they took as much delight in the sight as I did..




4 thoughts on “Blue Jays stay in the North all Winter

  1. Maybe that’s why Toronto named their baseball team the Toronto Blue Jays?
    We have a resident family of pigeons in our back yard. They often hang out on the open windowsill. But we also have visitors: mourning and Eurasian-collared doves, mockingbirds, house finches, grackles, hummingbirds, etc.
    This past week, we went for a walk at The Wetlands, and, as we were leaving in our vehicle, a roadrunner flew into view, glided across the road at an angle, barely touched down, glided again, landed at the edge of the road, walked a short distance, and then…ran! A lot of people don’t realize that a roadrunner can fly/glide, and I know why. You don’t see them do it very often. You also don’t see them perched in a tree very often, but we’ve seen that as well.
    One summer, we had a mockingbird that would do its Terry Fator impersonations all night long in the tree just outside the bedroom window. So I found a long YouTube recording of mockingbird sounds, set it on repeat, and played it loud so that the mockingbird would have companionship.

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    1. Pete, I know what you mean. As I watch a few of the UK gardeners I notice many birds that you have over there. One gardener built a condo of sorts for the birds on his allotment and captures many of them while filming. It’s a treasure to watch and see all of the different species of birds across the pond.. Take care, and yes our pets must know who rules the roost so to speak.. I’m the same way… Laura

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