6 thoughts on “Wildlife Abounds on this last day of March

    1. Oh how I’ll be singing that tune in my head all day, and it’s a good thing it’s merely in my head, because I can’t carry a tune in a bucket. lol.. Take care, David and have a wonderful weekend out west..


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  1. Lovely to see the deer so close to your house. A feel of Spring, despite the snow.
    We have had warm weather here, up to 22 C, and I have been wearing shorts for almost two weeks!
    Best wishes, Pete.

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    1. Pete, it is amazing just how close these deer come to the back fence of my home. My pup gave a few barks and they just looked at her as much to say, “Is that how you treat your neighbors?” they stood still and continued to graze on the low hanging limbs of an evergreen, their favorite at this time of year. They are truly graceful and allow me to get close to them .. I figure someone in the neighborhood feeds them during the winter which is not suggested by the wildlife conservatory. But, it is a pure treat when they are around.. Thank you for your visit and comments. Take care, and enjoy getting some sun on those winter legs .. we are -1 right now.. and for us that is no jacket weather for the natives of this country.. Feels good not to be weighed down by so many layers of clothing…


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