Well, folks what did I do you ask? I went nuts and began to ring in the brand New Year with sowing seeds in January. You see I won a seed give a way on YouTube from a gardening friend in the United States. She sent me cotton seeds… Well, I was totally over the moon happy about this and so many other seeds as well.

Being over the moon happy is a state of mind most gardeners have, and it really kicks in as the brand new year of possibilities begin to naw at us, while we page through all of our seed catalogs in the dead of winter, dreaming of a grand garden in the spring. Which for me was 5 months away.

Our last frost day here in Northern Ontario, Canada is the 24th of May, but I’ve seen it snow here in June, too. So, with our short growing season and myself having the neighbors trees to contend with giving me lack of sun it is a real challenge deciding just what I can plant and bring all the way to harvest time in the Fall.

I’ve laid out the foundation of building permaculture beds which worked wonderfully last year during the long drought we experienced, and when it did rain it came down in huge buckets. Which usually beats the living tar right out of my plants in the past. But, last year the way the permaculture beds work is they drain off the water if it rains too much, and it retains the water if we have a long drought.

Our city puts us on water meters last year and now charge for every drop of water, so using my hose was out of the question. I didn’t want to wind up paying more money for homegrown vegetables than I can get at the store , even if homegrown is better for you and taste 100% better. When you have to watch every penny, (Which Canada took out of circulation a few years ago) you have to get creative as a gardener.

As it happened my beloved Birch tree died and needed to be cut down before it took out my neighbors shed or even my own fence. I can’t tell you how sad this occurrence made me for months leading up to the removal of this beautiful tree. It actually was the main reason for buying the home I’m in. Strange but true. I’ve always had a kinship with all trees and this one stole my heart.

Moms beloved Birch Tree

So, when it had to be removed the gentleman who cut it down asked if I wanted it taken away or stacked, I said just leave it where the log sections fell. I’ll take care of it. Well , he looked at my aging face and grey hair and asked again was I sure?

July 16th 2015 - Third Permaculture Bed using logs from Birch Tree

The making of my first Permaculture bed, and my beloved tree is still providing goodness for me.

My beloved tree was now going to be handled for the last time by me and only me. It had given me so much joy in the years I’ve lived here in my home, shortly after my husband passed away from a sudden heart attack at the tender age of 46. I’ve always looked at trees in a certain way, growing up in Florida looking up at all the tall pines that could sway beautifully in the winds and even withstand the gale force winds of a hurricane blowing through.

I knew if I were a tree I’d be as strong as this and be able to weather any storm that blew my way. Thinking in this manner has brought me to the place I am in at the moment, aging but weathering each storm and looking back with hindsight knowing I was correct in becoming fascinated with trees as they would help me along the paths I’d be following …

History lesson of me over, thank you for reading…

I’ve been continually striving to animate and this has also helped me get through the long cold winters here in Canada. I’ve lived up North for over 34 years and never regretted a single moment. So, I’ve animated a little short film here pertaining to cotton, the girl in the video is Wilma, Wilson the coconut ~ Plant manager’s girl friend. If, you’ve seen some of my gardening videos which I also strive to make funny, because we all just need to laugh… Wilson the coconut is my sidekick for my indoor gardening throughout the winter.

Enjoy the animation and the update of my cotton growing inside until we get our spring..


This little picture is actually snow of course, but doesn’t it look like cotton?




14 thoughts on “What do you do when your Winter is too long?

  1. Nice to see the video, and always positive to see you posting again.
    Well done with the plants, though I was sad to hear about the tree. At least you are putting it to good use, so keeping it around in some way.
    Those winters are too long for me by far, so well done for enduring them for so long. You have more resilience than I do, Laura, so don’t sell yourself short.
    Best wishes as always, Pete. x

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    1. Pete, Thanking you kindly for your visit and as always delightful comments to me. I have to get back to seeing what you’ve been up too since I last visited your blog. I’ve fallen so far behind I feel I’m in front of myself if that makes sense… The animation takes a very long time to complete each one and then the 87 plus seedlings I have growing inside takes up the entire morning to attend too. Which leaves very little time for anything else, but I’ll settle in this evening with my laptop in bed and see what you’ve been up too. At least once I’ve gone upstairs to the bedroom I’m usually down the the evening.. That’s my plan anyway.. Take care dear friend.. Laura

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      1. Pete, I beg to differ on that account, your blog gives me such joy to read and hear what all you’ve been up too or read one of your fantastic short stories… You’re most interesting to me and I’ve missed my daily cup of tea with you as I read your posts. did you know I did that? Always, before reading your post I get my china tea cup out of the cabinet and make a nice hot cuppa tea and settle in for a wonderful read.. I need Wilson the coconut manager to get me back to the straight and narrow of what I truly enjoy..

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    1. vinnieh, thank you for your visit and comments. Not a problem my friend as I’ve not been here very much either. With trying to learn animation, and all of the seedlings I’ve got growing indoors I’ve been so busy too. With the days getting longer now, it will soon be time to be out and about in the garden, well hopefully, our last frost date is May 24th, but I have a feeling in my old bones that it’s going to be an early spring.. I predicted this way back in January, (my reasons for sowing so many seeds in the new year) Take care dear friend and have a wonderful Sunday

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  2. Wow! The snow in that photo does look very much like cotton! It’s too bad you couldn’t birch-slap your tree back to life, but I know what you mean about trees. I’ve always loved trees. Although I grew up around walnuts, oaks, and maples (I even built a tree house once!), here in Southern Nevada I decided, back in 2004, to plant Mexican fan palms in the back yard. They’re really tall now! All the deciduous trees in the valley are fully leafed out these days, and the rosemary is flowering! Spring is here in a big way! Good luck with your garden. Oh, I have to tell you that I just happen to love red bell peppers… Wait a cotton pickin’ minute! Are you growing red ones?


    1. Dudhwa Tiger Reserve, Thanking you kindly for your visit and lovely comments. I am also a Southern Gal from Florida, but have been transplanted here in Canada for over 34 years. I truly do love the 4 seasons here and completely enjoy each one.. Take care, and have a great weekend… Laura


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