Tomorrow marks the First Day of Spring, March 20 th 2017. I’ve been blessed with temps ranging 3c for the past two days and the sunshine has warmed me back up to a normal human being. I feel almost 10 years younger now that I can actually feel all ten fingers…If, tomorrow is going to be similar to these past two days, well I might just get the feeling back into my toes as well!

I’ve been working on a beautiful love story set in Northern Ontario, Canada. The gentleman is a hard working sort of fellow, and his lady love is just as sweet as a peach. Please join them by watching a little short animation of mine.

Wilson the coconut -Plant Manager & his lady love, Wilma

Banner for wilson and wilma the love story part two



11 thoughts on “Monday is the First Day of Spring

    1. watchingthedaisies, I count each day as our spring approaches, no matter how slowly.. I just love getting out in my gardens.. Thank you for your visit and I’ve a new animation about growing cotton up today.. Enjoy my dear.. hugs

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