Wilson the coconut ~Plant manager has been doing a bang up job taking care of all my indoor plants over the winter time. We still have a ways to go before we can plant out in the garden this spring. Our last frost date isn’t until May 24th, but will have to judge the evening temps as I’m attempting to grow Okra and Cotton this year.

We both, Wilson and I wanted to wish everyone a safe and Happy St. Patrick’s Day.

Join Wilson in the celebration, why don’t you…



16 thoughts on “Happy St. Patty’s Day

  1. Nice to see Wilson so animated, and to see you back blogging too.
    Because it is my birthday on the 16th (yesterday) I don’t celebrate St Patrick’s Day. After all, it is only the day after ‘Pete’s Day’, in my world!
    Best wishes as always, Pete.

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    1. Happy Belated Birthday, Pete. I’m sure you had a delightful weekend. How’s your weather across the pond? It’s been so beautifully sunny here and 3 c. I’ve been sitting outside for the past few days enjoying the sunshine and watching the birds with my pup at my side. all is good.. Take care, Laura

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      1. Pete, 13 c. heck that’s almost summertime.. We hit 3c over the weekend and we were all outside in the sunshine wishing for continued weather of the same.. Turning colder with a dusting of snow this morning.. I must say I didn’t even want to get out of bed after seeing the white stuff.. Half of the snow banks have melted though, so hope is alive and well… Take care, Laura

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    1. Hello there my dear lady,,, I’ve been so busy with my indoor gardening and trying to get my YouTube channel up and running. I was so happy to see your comment here this Sunday evening, and nice to know I’ve been missed around here. With so many fish in the blogging world it’s easy to be overlooked most times. You’ve made my evening so much happier.. hugs from me to you my dear.. Laura

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  2. Back on August 10, 1861, some of my relatives fought in the Battle of Wilson’s Creek, which has been described as “a bitter struggle between Union and Southern forces for control of Missouri in the first year of the Civil War.” Most people will think of the volleyball featured in “Cast Away” (2000), or maybe Mr. Wilson from the old TV series, “Dennis the Menace.” But now that the image is firmly planted in our mind, perhaps, in the future, we will all think of Wilson, the coconut. After all, we’re all coo-coo for coconuts! .

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    1. David, you never fail to amuse me in more ways than one. I commend you for your talent with the written word. I am working very hard to create a lasting image of Wilson the coconut & Plant manager, so the smiles will remain when he’s long gone one day to that cake in the sky.. Take care, Laura

      P.S. How’s the detective novel coming along?

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      1. The detective novel is inching along slowly. I hope to finish this first one by the end of May. Then, of course, I have to start writing its sequel. As you know, I plan to publish both of them simultaneously sometime in 2018.
        By the way, I finished, just a few minutes ago, my second reading of “To Your Scattered Bodies Go,” the first tome in the five-book “Riverworld” sci-fi series by Philip José Farmer. I read it the first time ten years ago, and then went on to read the next two books, but never got around to the final two. So I’ve started from the beginning. This time around, I’ll read through all five books without fail. Oh, did I mention I’m reading this series in French translation?
        I always enjoy your blog entries, and hope to continue to amuse you with my comments. Give Wilson my best regards..

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      2. David, that sounds like a very delightful read and in French just to add a foreign flare.. I must say I do love sci-fi shows but have rarely read any of the novels.. Hum.. I must rectify that at once.. What should I start with I ponder?….

        Thank you for your continued support of my odd, but hopefully funny antics here on my blog.. Take care, Laura

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  3. Laura, if you don’t mind waiting a few years, you can read the two or three sci-fi books I’ll be publishing after my two detective books are out the door. In the meantime, maybe think of a sci-fi movie (e.g., “Aliens”) you’ve enjoyed, or wanted to see, and then buy the novelization. As for “Riverworld,” it’s a huge time commitment, and more of a male fantasy/adventure than science fiction. I’m reading it, but I wouldn’t recommend it. Of course, there are some great old classics, e.g., “The Time Machine” by H.G. Wells. As much as I’ve enjoyed the eleven novels I’ve read by Jules Verne, don’t be fooled by popular misconception: he didn’t really write science fiction (though I can see why the misconception exists).


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