There are those times in ones life when you crave food from your childhood memories. You know what I mean, those dishes you ate when you were a child that you can now as an adult still smell deep in the recesses of your memory banks. Actually, you can also remember more than just the welcoming smells coming from your families kitchen.. You can relive days long gone with what I’m about to cook.. Enjoy




8 thoughts on “Come Join Me In My 1950’s Kitchen

  1. Chicken pot pie! I once knew a crazy cook who made the crust of his pies as hard as stone. First he would cook pot pies, and then he would..crack pot..pies with a chisel.
    But, seriously, that pot pie looks scrumpdillyicious (would a Brit say piccadillyicous?).
    What about adding turkey and beef pot pies? Let’s make it a pot luck dinner!

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  2. I have never had a chicken pot pie, but yours look great.
    I was taken back to my Mum’s cooking in the 1950s though. Steak and Kidney pudding, egg and bacon roll, and delicious corned beef pies. All really full of fat, suet, and lots of butter too. No wonder we never eat them anymore!
    Best wishes, Pete.

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