Sometimes, mother nature will throw you a curve ball.. Even if it’s not spring training yet…My pup knew early this morning that something was up and she didn’t like it one little bit. The wind began to howl and she began to slowly pant. The thunder roared across the sky as if a freight train was going over the house… My pup began to pant heavily and shake. I rose from my bed to see what was the matter, and didn’t find St. Nick atop the roof, but what I did find was something resembling popcorn bouncing off the rooftop.




13 thoughts on “Good Golly Miss Molly

  1. That was some hail. Laura. We had a big storm here today, called ‘Storm Doris’. No hail, but winds up to 100 mph! Some fences and trees down around here, and a lady killed about 150 miles away. Luckily, it left the UK at 6 pm. One day was enough!
    Best wishes, Pete. x

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    1. Lloyd, thanking you kindly for your visit and kind words. It passed by fairly fast, like a freight train.. the house rumbled and my poor pup thought this was it for her. She’s been around my ankles all day since.. snow storm is coming at us next.. will have to fire up my red snow blower once again.. Take care, Laura

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