Sometimes, you just have to brave the utter cold and Gail force winds to see the beauty that is a true Canadian Winter. I tip my hat off to all of the brave souls who venture onto this frozen lake and sit in the Ice huts to fish during wintertime. I’m still a chicken little and have not walked over the frozen lake yet… and probably will never do so. I’d rather swim in the lake during the summertime, instead.. Enjoy, this little video of my Canadian Winter… hugs

Part Two


Here’s Part One, a few days before…



3 thoughts on “Wintertime in the City and Our Community of Ice Fishing Huts

  1. I enjoyed seeing these, especially from the warmth of my chair inside! I have only ever experienced lows of -25 and frozen lakes and seas once, and that was in Russia, I certainly wouldn’t want to have to live (or is that survive?) in such weather for half the year. Well done for not moving south, Laura!
    I complained today when we had a very light dusting of snow, and it got down to -1. That would count for early summer where you live.
    Best wishes, Pete. x

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  2. Well, it’s short sleeve weather here in Las Vegas. Today’s forecast: 65 F / 18 C. Tomorrow’s forecast: 70 F / 21 C. We’ve had some clouds the past couple of days (snow in the mountains), but it’s sunny today. I think we’ll go for a hike tomorrow to enjoy the fine “winter” weather. But, of course, this summer, I’ll be baking (it will get up to—or near to—117 F / 47 C), and you’ll be having all the good weather!

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