Hi there folks, I’m still sitting at the computer with cold frozen fingers pumping out yet another animation creation. I am having so much fun with this new hobby of mine I could actually dance in the streets, if they were not so icy…..Enjoy what’s to come….

Oh and if your wondering what happened to Animation Number Four, it’s still in the works…Coming soon to a computer, Laptop, I Pad, Cell Phone near you.. 🙂



9 thoughts on “The winds were howling the other night, or was it something else?

  1. Now and then, we’ll run into a coyote (or two) over at The Wetlands. We always enjoy seeing them, and usually are within 60 to 100 feet of them. We followed one the other day on a paved path, and its coat was thick, colorful, and richly textured. I’ve hand fed hungry coyotes in Death Valley and Joshua Tree National Parks. Howl about that?
    Anyway, I’m enjoying your animation, and look 4-ward to number….

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    1. Ros, Hello there my dear. I’ve been so busy with shoveling the snow that I’ve not been here for a few weeks. I have however been making videos for YouTube and will be posting some of them beginning today.. So, Stay tuned.. hugs and yes I’m so ready for spring.. Hugs from me to you… Laura

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