Man it’s cold outside! We’ve dipped back into freezing temperatures. We were spoiled last week with milder temps, ranging between -9 and -5.. Oh well it’s still wintertime in this city of mine. So, I got bored on Sunday afternoon, you know between the time I shoveled the driveway and time to begin dinner.

Here’s a little sample of my very first attempts at simple animation… I think I’ve found a new hobby to get me through winter in between the days I’m waiting on the cold porcelain Griffin to  dry between layers..

Sometimes you wanna have fun!



7 thoughts on “I’m dipping into the Animation Waters

    1. Pete, bless you for being such a gentleman.. It was so small you probably couldn’t see it. I’m not sure what happened to the size once it was uploaded to YouTube.. I made a second one and it turned out much better as far as size .. At least you can see it .. I wanted to work with something new.. and this makes me laugh during a time that I’m struggling to do so… It takes work to stay happy… in the wintertime… give me dirt and my garden and I’m humming all day out of tune that is, but humming just the same and happy… hugs from me to you..


  1. You are far more computer savvy than I am! I don’t even know how you came up with those Weary Traveler illustrations… By the way, last night, I finished reading “L’Île mystérieuse” (“The Mysterious Island”) for the second time. Today, I will begin reading the eleventh (and last) Jules Verne book in my collection, “Les enfants du capitaine Grant” (“In Search of the Castaways”), for the first time. I’ll get back to my fiction writing in a couple of days. As you know, “life” (and Canadian snowfall) sometimes gets in the way of one’s projects! I’m glad you have found a new creative pastime. If it weren’t for creativity, life would get very boring!

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    1. David, my illustrations were done in the same way as pencil to paper, except I use a device called the Pen Tablet. It looks like a pen, and there a tablet that’s connected to my computer. I look up at my monitor and draw on the tablet which is laying in front of me. The eye of course is not looking down at my hand while drawing, and I thought I’d struggle with lack of hand eye contact, but I took to it like fish to water, even surprised my son.. I think it’s because I use to be a secretary and could type 220 words a minute without looking down at the keys.. To pass the business school we had to be able to do it this way… So, I think the training helped me draw without looking down.. The drawn art only shows on my monitor… not where I draw with the pen.. stylus ….I think this is why my illustrations became better as the story progressed.

      I wanted to stay fresh with doing art this way, so the little animated stick figures were born.. just having fun as the title goes… Take care and enjoy your wonderful reading…

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