4 thoughts on “Hello there Thursday ~ Riddle me this…January 26th 2017

  1. The Tin Man’s favorite subject in school was mathematics. He always preferred the Distributive Law over the Foil Method. Apparently, when it came to the Foil Method, his heart just wasn’t in it…

    Although he never cared for the Foil Method, when it came to lubricating his joints, he did practice the Oil Method.
    As for what he said when he got run over by a steamroller, nobody knows because his voice box was flat out demolished before he could utter a single word. But had he been able to say something, it probably would have been something of a curse. After all, he’d rather be chopped up and “distributed” into a million pieces of tin than pressed into a continuous sheet of “foil.”
    I might point out that the Tin Man’s father actually survived being run over by a steamroller. The story goes that the next time he saw a steamroller coming straight at him, he shouted defiantly, “Foil me once, shame on you! Foil me twice, shame on me!” From that point on, he was nobody’s foil.
    By the way, the Tin Man is said to have had a heart operation at one point. After the operation, he woke up, wondering if he’d be stiff in the joints. But the nurses, who’d already oiled him several times before and during the operation, had oiled him again afterwards while he slept. So the first words the Tin Man said after he woke up and stretched was, “Nurses! Oiled again!”

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