This brand new year of 2017 shines through the deep snow here in Northern Ontario, Canada. For me January is a brand new beginning for me to try new things and hopefully learn a lot more about technology.

I did learn that an I Pad has a little camera eye on both sides of the unit, and if you’re not careful you’ll wind up putting your hand over the microphone and folks will miss out on what you’re trying to say, while filming so to speak.. When it’s digital is it still called filming? There’s no film around at the time, just invisible bits and bites.. That use to be sold in the grocery store as a snack food… Go figure.. That’s definitely something for me to ponder over..

On with the show.. and I promise to get better…




12 thoughts on “Cold Porcelain Clay & Purple Nail Polish

  1. Shame I couldn’t hear you for the first 8 minutes, but I soldiered on until the sound kicked in!
    I like the bear-candles. I reckon you could sell those in a craft shop.
    I will look forward to seeing your cold porcelain figure too.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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    1. watchingthedaisies, then you’ve been further North than I. I’ve always wanted to travel around this beautiful country, but funds didn’t allow… But, I’m happy around here, hearth and home.. hugs from me to you my dear… Laura

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  2. Cold porcelain is something i’ve been wanting to make. It was fun watching your video! Well done on going for the purple! Very pretty! Can’t wait to see what you make out of the cold porcelain! Hope you are doing well Laura and staying warm! Happy new year! Hugs, Koko 🙂

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      1. You are too kind! One day perhaps. These days are filled with so many building and painting projects. Ack. I so want to do “fun” things. Such the house needs tending to…so off I go. Hugs back.

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      2. Koko, indeed house repairs or just adding a nice loving touch to a part of the home is so rewarding, and you always have time to do the clay thing when you’re not so busy. I just know whatever it is you make out of the clay with your talented hands will be awesome… hugs

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  3. I’ve never heard of cold porcelain clay. I once lived in Clay County, though. And it got cold there in winter. I have worked with regular clay a few times, and painted and fired it. Maybe I could do a regular clay bust of Donald Trump, put it in the kiln, and say, “You’re fired!” (Just kidding! I think he’ll be a good president.)

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