I tried and failed, but at least I tried arlingtonwoman…If, it could go wrong it did yesterday afternoon, while I spent the whole day inside of the house due to our deep freeze. I just couldn’t brave the outside cold or the inside joint pain I experienced in both of my hands. I should have waited until my hands were better, but that might just be Springtime…

So, I gave this my best at the moment of filming… I hope you (arlingtonwoman) get some sort of idea how this light box was made.. I just now realized I should have just taken pictures of the steps instead of a video.. oh my the well laid plans of mice and men…



12 thoughts on “Tutorials are not as easy as you might think to produce… Just look at this one

    1. Pete, my hands while making this little video were not my own hands. They just refused to work properly and hold on to anything. I should have just taken lots of pictures to show the steps, but that after thought didn’t arrive til after, wink.. Thank you dear friend for your visit and thank heavens my fingers still can type.. as long as I don’t have to hold the keys I’m golden..

      Take care, Laura


  1. The end—great photos!—justifies the means—troubled assembly! I suppose if space weren’t an issue, you could just paper the inside of a plastic storage crate or cardboard box. Apparently, there are foldable light boxes on the market. The prices vary.
    This one is cheap:
    This one is expensive:
    But I suppose it’s always more fun (and, ultimately, more affordable) to create one’s own. Anyway, the photos are lovely, and I hope you get a lot of use out of your light box.

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    1. Hello there lividemerald2013, oh my poor old hands with this deep freeze didn’t want to work at all for me. Those were merely templates for construction down the road. There is a semi sheer plastic that I want to craft the light box out of, but want to seal the end design before spending any money of the materials. I want to scale up the design big enough for a large dinner plate, yet still folds down. Space is the issue. I made one a few years ago out of a large cardboard box, with tissue paper on three sides. I had to set it up on my table, get novels on either side for the lamps and then snap the picture which worked wonderfully, all of my food posts were done this way for the final picture. But, the sheer size of the box was nuts… I think I have an idea what I want to do with this project and I’m having fun with this journey. Just wish my hands would warm up.. without gloves .. No matter how hot the house gets with the $$ heater on the joints don’t feel the warmth, just the cold from outside. Oh well, keep on keeping on.. at least I can still sip my tea and dream of spring and getting my hands back into the dirt to garden.. Take care and I’ll take a look at the sites you so kindly posted for me..


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  2. Thank you for this tutorial Laura :), It’s like seeing my Grandma create crafts and lovingly explain to me how she did it. Thanks for inspiring me to keep on doing things I want to do and not be hindered by negative thoughts and things around me. Keep on blogging. 🙂

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    1. simpleblogdiaries, oh my heavens my dear you are so very welcome…My old hands just didn’t want to hold on to those thin flaps to open up that light box. I always say, “Never say never…” There is always a way around a stumbling block, you just have to see to find it. Thank you for your kind words to me. I’ll sleep a peaceful sleep tonight after reading your lovely comments. hugs from me to you my dear… Take care, Laura


    1. arlingwoman…Indeed, it’s L.E.D. strip lighting for my light box. It works so much better than the lamps I was using in the large cardboard box. You’re very welcome my dear… hugs from me to you…
      Take care, Laura


  3. How wonderful of you to take the time to make a video! The cold definitely doesn’t help the hands, but you did a wonderful job! I love those LED lights. Very versatile too! Stay warm Laura! Until next time, happy new year! Hugs, Koko 🙂

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